Bourke Street Part Deux


Damn sly grog is a curse I tells ya.


Because it’s useful for certain agendas.




Why don’t they do more to call out this behaviour??!?!?!111


I thought it was nice that Seven highlighted a Muslim bloke who did his bit.
And then showed him saying a person like that wasn’t a real Muslim, although I worry about copyright over that.


Thing is, … is was fairly poor to begin with, … but tonight I tasted something he was saiyng was Gin, … (but fkd if I could detect any Juniper) that was sensational, … like nothing else I’d ever had.

I convinced him to save me 3 bottles at 65 - 70%, (he thought it was better diluted to 40,) … and I wish everyone could try it.
He’s been at it a while, and he’s no dummy, … but I really believe he may have hit on something.

Remember your first Sambucca shot, … your first Tequila slammer?

This was like a “Gin” that wasn’t Gin at all, … and just kind of got you High and speedy, … and well, … soon to be fairly pisssed but you didn’t know it yet, … all at once.

The only real upset, … is that it was a Sunday night!!

Anyways, Hunners!! Right?

Let’s turn this gloom and doom into something celebrating living in the GREATEST Country on the FKN Planet!

(Fk you Donald, … you have no clue what great IS!!}

Oops!! :no_mouth:

OK Hunners, …

Don’t let the Barstards get you down, …


When you know my name is Ray!

Actually watching Ashes to Ashes on the YouTube on the telly…

Hope you’re happy, too.


I think i mentioned it in another thread, but Muslim community leaders i have met as part of my studies reckon news corp don’t want to hear their stories of countering violent extremism. They have been turned down for stories about the positive work being done by their community to address radicalization.


Because thats what defines terrorism. You don’t have to like it but its the way our language is structured. Committing violent acts motivated by religious beliefs is terrorism. You can choose for yourself not to view it differently but you don’t get to define the meaning of words for everyone else. Its also staggeringly ignorant to assume every person involved in every act or terrorism is mentally ill. I agree this guy had mental issues but terrorism as a broader concept can involve very sane & calculated planning.


Which this clearly was not.


what have they got to lose? They are no more than an idea now with no real power base. They will claim any & everything they can because it keeps the dream alive.


Should just airdrop shopping trolleys into the middle east to thwart their efforts then.


‘Cos he was a deranged goose that makes you look stupid?


How does he make them look stupid to their target audience? Sure to us this attack looks like amateur hour loony moron can’t even blow up a car full of gas tanks but ultimately he killed in the name of allah & has earned himself a place in paradise with some virgins or white beans depending on how you interpret some ancient dribble.


No. It isnt.

People who are mentally healthy, do not, ever, blow themselves up, or fly planes into buildings, or try to stab strangers on the street.

Or: shoot up a high school, or a synagogue, or an abortion clinic, for that matter.


Terrorist groups are far far larger than the pawns who kill themselves for the cause or those who are simply inspired by the ideal of killing for the promise of return in the next life. Nelson Mandela for example was involved in & supported terrorist activities - was he mentally ill? My previous example of the Bali Bombing showed a wide network of planning & collaboration that went into the murder of 202 people. To simply pass off a sophisticated organisation like that as mentally ill shows very little understanding of mental illness & what terrorism actually is.


Sort of derogatory and condescending I always thought


They wouldn’t consider themselves mentally ill, and nor does a professional. It’s ingrained, inherent and what they where bought up with.

It’s just the done thing.


You’re offended by a type of dishware?


I reckon that’s a hard sell, even to the converted.