Bourke Street Part Deux


Trolley Man is


I think it’s because they like it like this.


There was one on Mt Alexander Rd in Nth Essendon, it was my family’s go to. Changed its name to Ollie’s Family Restaurant or something and then disappeared.




Handed himself into police…


The one that got away…


Yep. Wasn’t there a fish joint that sprung up there also - Cap’n something, maybe? Had a pirate or captain character with a stripey jumper on it? It’s early, wtf am i talking about


Haha, it’s quite possible. It was one of those doomed plots that seemed to change owner every year.


I think you’re thinking of Barnacle Bill’s?

Portia De Rossi was on one of their ads.



Yep, ta.


Shot through like a (Bondi) tram. Figures.


Should have to wear an ankle bracelet and be banned from the CBD … oops, wrong religion


Gargasoulas gets life with non parole of 46 years. He’ll be at least 75 before he’s eligible for parole.


Even though he will be an old man, he should never be eligible for parole.


He’ll be dead before his parole is up.


He’s such a complete ■■■■, he won’t last very long.


You would not want to be this bloke in jail. The hierarchy have their own set of rules, this bloke broke most of them. He is a marked man and will be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life. He won’t even see it coming.


Yep. Solitary for his own protection aside, I’d be surprised if he lasted 5 years.


Won’t shed a tear, but just curious - what are the rules?