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F118-110 was a joke

Same judge has history apparently



You’re a champ for posting that.


Couple of observations. 1) Alvarez showed excellent composure. Picked his moments and executed brilliantly 2) Golovkin could be the toughest guy that has ever lived. Alvarez landed several heavy direct hits, none better than a right hook delivered in the 10th round that should have knocked GGG out but all it did was make Golovkin angry. His attack is unrelenting and he looked as fresh at the end of the 12th as he did at the beginning of the 1st.

I couldn’t split them. One of the best fights I’ve ever seen. Rematch. Please.


How could anyone score that fight 118 to 110 ???

A draw was fair though


Not wrong. Ms Byrd should not be allowed to judge another bout ever again.

I had Canelo winning rounds 1-3 and 10-12, with 2x of those rounds being very close. But 10-2? Please…


Boxing is actually committing suicide.


Add this to the long list of questionable results over the years. I get why O de la Hoya wanted Alvarez not to lose. He’s arguably the sports biggest name and he generates a significant amount of money however, if he had lost on a close decision the rematch would be worth more because that fight would have cross-over and mainstream appeal. Only boxing people knew that fight was on yesterday. They’ve blown an opportunity to really put Alvarez into the next stratosphere with that dodgy score. I’ll watch Canelo v GGG II but the hype that could have been generated would have been huge. Make no mistake, the fight was extremely close but a 10-2 score was just outrageous.


It is hard to tell definitely about punches unless you are at ringside., but it seemed a very close fight. The only thing for me was that if some of those punches were really as hard as they looked then Alvarez is a very tough guy.

Back in olden days, my Dad worked at the Stadium (Festival Hall) in Melbourne and I used to get into to watch TV Ringside in the front seats most weeks. Loved the sound of punches hitting the mark, especially those body shots that sound like hitting a full 44 gallon drum with a cricket bat.

Funny enough though these Judges keep getting the gigs; bit like some of the AFL maggots !!!


What do you make of this kid @Diggers, Tysonesque?


I saw that earlier today. CJ Carter looked like he was in a hurry to get out of there. Dubois can punch but lets see how he goes against an opponent who can take a hit and punch back.


That is a lot of power. Hard not to love a big hitter.


Wilder destroyed Stiverne inside the 1st round. Stiverne threw 4x punches, landed none.


No interest in the Horn V Corcoran bout tonight then?

Anyone know of a stream for it …??


I’ve ordered it on Foxtel but under the pump at work so not sure if I’ll get home in time to see much of the undercard


Any luck with a stream?


Winner and still…
Horn wins by TKO in the 11th


Horn did ok. Still don’t know what to make of him though. Regardless, if he can line up a bout with T Crawford, he’ll be a very wealthy man no matter what the outcome.


Yep. Can take a punch but doesn’t seem to be the kind of guy that will worry top line fighters with his power at this stage. His determination seems to get him through when others fade. Dropping 4 kgs overnight just before the fight should have seen him gas out mid way through but he keeps pushing on.

Whispers of a fight with Mundine before his compulsory with Crawford next year.


He’ll kill Mundine dead inside 5x rounds.