Boxing Thread


I reckon you’re right. Mundine is 43 and slowing down. He could box but I agree, Horn should nail him to the ropes and break him down


The judges love Horn


Is Mundine really still a fighting option these days?


By fighting do you mean working on his pension fund?

His last big pay day was against Green and he/they blew it. No one in their right mind would pay to see either of those two fight again. Against each other or anyone else.

Horn is not far off being a big deal. He doesn’t need Mundine to create interest. Mundine on the other hand needs Horn. If I were Horn I wouldn’t be doing Mundine any favours.


Just some casual viewing


Just when you thought the sideshow couldn’t get worse. Rumour is that Green and Mundine are going on I’m a Celebrity


The Spinks win was the most surprising. Spinks was a gun but was frightened of Tyson. You could see it in his eyes. Poor end to a great career. And the M Frazier match up should never have happened. Frazier was ok but not much more. He could have been killed.


Mundine disposes of somebody and chases another big money fight. Surprised if Horn would entertain it. All risk and no reward. That being said, by the time Crawford is finished with Horn… his value is probably seriously diminished



Seems fair enough although not sure the IOC should sit in judgement on anything else


The Bronze Bomber upheld his end of the deal by defeating L Ortiz over the weekend. A Joshua now needs to get over tough Kiwi J Parker and a dream unification bout for later in the year is on track.

On the Wilder/Ortiz scrap, I have no idea how Wilder survived the 7th round. He’s one tough (bastard). Ortiz is a quality oponent who had not previously lost professionally before.

Wilder V Joshua, if it happens will be one for the ages.


Bit late but Amir Khan ko’d the Canadian in 39 seconds. Get through anough contest then a grudge square off against Kell Brook should be on the cards for early '19.


A lot of people talking up Horn’s chances. I can’t see a way he gets close.


Don’t know, but you gotta think if he wins this fight, he’s gonna really make the big time in the States where he’ll be the next great white hope (at least in his weight division) in a sport being dominated by Blacks and Hispanics (generally because they come from dirt poor backgrounds and winning is a way out of poverty for them).


I think he can but he is going to have to knock him out as you just know these corrupt judges will cheat their arses off. Should be a real good fight though and will pop down to the local and watch it


Horn should be pleased if he wins a round.


Horn is a very good fighter and I’m staggered at lack of respect the media are giving him. Crawford has to step up a division for the fight and I just don’t think it will be the beating most are predicting


Horn failed his weigh in today and has 1 hour to shed 200g or the fight could be in jeopardy


Mate messaged me saying he’d made the weight?


Just read through it, drama.