Boxing Thread


He’s done. That fight will literally ruin his career. Will get a couple here, but he’s basically gone now imo. That was his shot


Apparently Horn’s dad is quite vocal about wanting him to quit. He’s a millionaire after his last 2x bouts. Retiring now is pretty good advice.


You’d be more likely to see green and horn than Mundine and horn I reckon. No one gives a ■■■■ about Mundine anymore


About which part ?

I have been a real fan of Young Mundine, and was a fan of his Dad. Boxing is a strange sport, as a fighter can be only slightly superior and really look dominant. At their best both Mundine and Green may match Crawford but have not seen many of his fights, but has he really fought another great fighter ?


You’d be surprise. Mundine is still the only opponent in Australia that would generate enough interest for a bout of any significance. It’s why Green took him on last time even though he was through with boxing. Mundine make money. Even at 43.



Green at his peak would have fared no better than J Horn. Mundine, although a more proficient technical boxer than Green would have wilted under the relentless pressure that Crawford puts all of his opponents under.

Crawford is well placed to be considered as an all time great middleweight. Right up there with the best that have ever been.


The fark?

Did maggot C Ramos judge the fight?

Canelo won 4x rounds. Max.


If GGG had knocked Alvarez out the judges would have awarded a split decision.

Not the first time a boxer has been fleeced in Vegas.


GGG was robbed in both fights. Disgraceful decision.


I had it 4-2 after 6 to GGG but the judges scored it the other way. GGG has landed so many shots, Alvarez must have thought he was surrounded. I know it is Mexican Independence Day but please…


Round 7: 9-10 Alvarez


Just watched it again. 8-4 to GGG. 7-5 if you’re feeling charitable. A ‘Golden Boy’ fighter on a Golden Boy promotion…


This happened a few days ago (thai boxing). Dude took out his opponent and the ref. Another ref had to get in the ring to do the count. Never seen that happen before.


Got him flush.


As for the bouts of most interest this week.

  1. Mundine to start well but to succumb to J Horn around Rnd 10. Mundine is still capable but I don’t feel he has the capacity to hurt Horn enough early in the bout

  2. My head says the Bronze Bomber but when the Gypsy King is in the ring, anything can happen. By rights, Wilder’s superior conditioning and continuity over several years should see him get past Fury with relative ease however, Fury is the most unorthodox heavyweight I have ever seen + he’s a really big guy who is very hard to hit and who strikes from some very unusual places. I don’t think it will go the distance. Wilder by KO from anywhere past the opening bell. Should be a beauty and will see Wilder claim the lineal crown.


Should Wilder get over Fury then a unification bout with Joshua must happen in 2019. That is a clash of styles that will be worth the pay per view fee.


That’s the HW fight I would like to see.


Yeh, I’m biased. I hope Mundine wins. I wasn’t impressed with Horn’s demands for two weigh-ins (to prevent Mundine from weight-cutting). I think the requirement of the double weigh-in would have screwed up Mundine’s preparation (i.e., because he can’t do a big weight cut, he would’ve had to train in an energy depleted state for most of his training camp). That, along with the fact he’s older and slower will make it very hard/almost impossible to win. But, like I said, I hope he does.


Those commentators really enjoyed that. :grin:


Ha! Yeh, they weren’t very sympathetic :slight_smile: