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Re match

Re match

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I’m so ■■■■■■ off, so hard to get into boxing when you have these ridiolcous outcomes. Fury by a mile and that’s with two knockdowns, that says something.


Wilder’s left eye was fully closed up. Took plenty of damage.

What a chin on Fury.

Da fck the judges were thinking?


I just caught the last few rounds. Awesome.

Full respect to Fury for bouncing back from such a brutal 1-2. Mark of a champion to overcome adversity.


Absolute robbery, add this to the pile of utter ■■■■■ decisions that kills people coming to the sport. That ref that scored it 115-111 is basically saying without those two knockdowns it’d be a draw. Lunacy, Fury won that fight by a mile and only those two knockdowns made it close. I have no idea how Fury got up after being out cold in that last minute but it was something out of a Rocky movie. Big comeback, outboxed him, got down but came back. Everyone is saying Fury won but that one ref.


This is the ref, apparently Wilder “won” the first 4 rounds? GOOD LORD.



go have a bath with some wings cray.


I’m confused, on Tapper it says 102, then a 10, so shouldn’t it be 114-112?


Sunday it not wing and bath night, rookie error.


Wilder won two rounds definitively 10-8 (R9 & R12). I don’t think he won any other rounds. Even if you gift him 2 x 10-9 additional rounds, he scores 112. Fury still wins the fight. Fury was robbed.


Someone explain the basic maths error or is this amateur hour?


One judge = Fury.
One judge = Wilder.
One judge = Draw.

Result = Draw.


You’re right, if that’s legit, but it doesn’t change the result.


I feel a draw is a fair result. For Fury to win after getting dropped twice would have had him winning 10x rounds. i had fury winning 4x rounds convincingly and Wilder winning 2x. The rest could easily have gone either way.

Fury doesn’t have the title but he can lay claim to the moral victory. To go the distance given his recent history is quite amazing. His value has gone up. Wilder isn’t disgraced either. We all knew he is untidy and lacks the polish of some of his predecessors but he can take a punch and can deliver one bad enough to floor a bloke as big as a medium sized tree.

The re-match will be well worth watching.


102 + 10 = 110 says it all.



The most generous (for Wilder) you could score that fight is: Fury 114-112. Fury still won it.


Depends what a judge likes to see. Some score activity higher than actual punches landed and the busier fighter can steal a round over an opponent who may land a bigger punch.

There were six rounds that you could mount an argument for either fighter.


Hardly saw Wilder throw a jab or body punch. Fury outboxed him in those rounds you mentioned. I had Fury winning 8 rounds outright.


They’ve both done beautifully out of this. Fury’s effort will probably see him become a mainstream star in the UK and US and Wilder now has a profile at home that he didn’t have previously.

And neither now need Joshua to generate a huge pay day next bout. If he wants to fight either of these blokes, he will have to offer a fairer slice of the purse.

Brilliant result really.