Boxing Thread


And you could mount a good argument for 8-4 to Fury.

As for Wilder, you couldn’t argue any more than 6-6.

Moral victory to Fury but it’s balanced out somewhat by going down twice.

Draw is a good outcome.


After having another look at the 12th round knock down, Fury’s camp should send the referee a Xmas card for the several extra seconds of recovery time he gave their man.


I have also met Anthony Mundine and he was a polite, quiet and very intelligent person to be with. He said that the showman was his vehicle to earn money and get his message across. He related that his father was a great fighter who made little money as he had to be a slave to the way the whites wanted him to act.

In my opinion Anthony Mundine is one of Australia’s greatest ever sportsmen.


Tony Mundine did very well against the great Carlos Monzon when he was at his greatest.


And the judges a card (except Tapper - who judged the fight correctly IMO) asking how it was possible that Wilder won any more than four rounds in that fight.


I reckon he won six.


He did and he was a great fighter.

Do you remember his fights on TV Ringside with Kahu Mahunga ?


Not really. I can recall some of Tony Mundine’s fights but the one against Monzon stands out for some reason.

You seldom hear C Monzon mentioned when discussion turns to the best middleweights but he was as good as anyone. And Tony Mundine went toe-to-toe with him for longer than what should have been reasonably expected.


Tony Mundine could dominate fights and then get a decent whack to the jaw and it was all over.

I seem to recall him besting Monzon for many rounds and it was a close contest when Mundibe copped a huge body shot that did him in.


Post-fight presser for anyone interested. Fury starts around 17 mins 40 secs in.


Yes. He’s said that to me, too.


So a conscious decision to be a crass, classless ■■■■ to maximise his earnings.
No thanks.


He made his opponents rich, too.

D Green wouldn’t be set up for the rest of this life and most of the next if it wasn’t for A Mundine.


He’s a performer. It’s a mistake to assume an actor is the same as the role they play.

You’re free to think what you like. I’m not here to convert you.


Did you ask him about his cheap shot on Green?
Fight should have been stopped on the spot


Have I given you the impression that I’m best mates with Mundine and we talk a lot? Sorry if I did that. We’re not mates. At any rate, no, I haven’t asked Mundine about the cheap shot he gave Green.


I’m just glad he didn’t pass in the ‘99 Grand Final.


That actor who played King Joffrey must be a crass, classless, ■■■■—just like his character in Game of Thrones. And he even got PAID for acting that way. Can you believe it? He consciously decided to act like a crass, classless, ■■■■ in order to earn a living by entertaining people. I mean, it’s shameful. Shameful!


Extra seconds? Started falling down at the 2:21 left and was up by 2:11, he beat the count. Said he was ready to keep fighting. How Wilder escaped with a draw is beyond me, completely outclassed for 95% of the fight even with the two knockdowns. Wilder celebrated the draw and Fury was disappointed, the world knows who really won apart from one ref clearly on the take or blind (which happens heaps). That ref was crooked beyond belief and they need to reevaluate who exactly is allowed to score fights and permanently kicked out if crap like this happens as it happens time and time again tainting results. To say Wilder won the first 4 rounds is utterly baffling. Fury out pointed him and outboxed him but a home decision with one ref wrecks it for everyone, makes it more like WWE with contrived results. Only way Fury wins that is if he knocks him out because we all know there’s a dodgy scorer.


Still reckon a draw is a fair result.