Boxing Thread


Digs and Rochin are cousins. :wink:

According to British legend Lennox Lewis, “They need to get some good judges, these judges were terrible. I had Fury miles clear”.


I am surprised that you don’t get it.

In any case, no different to many sportspeople pushing for crowds.


The ref gave Fury an extra 9 seconds at the end of the count in the 12th to compose himself. “You ok? Sure? Walk over there and back. Ok? Fight” That cost Wilder the opportunity to finish things.

Watch the fight again but this time with Russian commentary and if you don’t then think this fight was very close, you’re biased.


Never said I didn’t get it.


Much of the fight to me was like the 10th, Wilder swinging heaps and hitting little. In the 10th he threw 39 punches and connected 1. That’s right, 1 in 39. Fury clearly won 9 of 12 rounds losing the second for mine as well as the two knock downs. Really, wasn’t even close. Wilder was definitely kissed on the ■■■■ by the ref that scored him 115 - 111. Maybe he was colour blind? Someone probably should have told him the bloke doing all the hitting was the bigger one with no hair.


Spot on, LB.

Wilder rarely threw the jab or body punches. I also thought he won 3 rounds (4 being generous) with Fury winning 8 rounds.

Fury was awesome in the presser.


Watch it again.


Phil Edwards has it right at 113-113.

And Phil is the British judge.


I had this and ufc on at the same time. Ended up watching 90% of this fight instead of ufc.

I ain’t into boxing too much, but that white boy boxed his face off. Wilder was throwing wild haymakers and getting lit up by jabs and 1-2’s all night.

The gypsy got caught late but then rose up like the undertaker and then ended the fight stylin and clowning on Wilder again. Amazing.

Then they rob him on the cards and I remember why I don’t care about this corrupt sport.


Also the gypsy looked out of shape and yet somehow out manouevred the 50pound lighter man.


Fury has always moved well.


Fury v Wilder II

Or will it be Anthony v Wilder as predicted?


Anthony who?

Wilder and Fury put on a great show. J Anthony can get in line.


The man knows how to handle a press conference



I watched this twice. Fury dominated this fight and 95% of the world thinks Fury won and that 5% are diehard Wilder fans and family. Floyd Mayweather thought Fury thrashed him and even had him winning the first 5 rounds, Lennox Lewis said the decision was a disgrace and that Wilder boxed terribly and Fury won easily, a former champ Andre Ward said Fury won by 2/3 rounds even with the knockdowns and “But 115-111 for Wilder is terrible, just terrible !! That’s what’s wrong with boxing” and also former champ and commentator Paulie Malignaggi:

"Guys, I don’t even care about any of these replays - I really don’t - because they matter nothing. This decision is a joke. Alejandro Rochin better never work a day in his life again in boxing.

“I don’t know what to tell you. We’re looking at highlights of a fight and breaking down why the result is the way it is but I can’t tell you why the result is the way it is. We’re looking at certain highlights and then I have to explain to you why the result ended a way it shouldn’t have. I don’t know what to tell you anymore, I can’t even do my own job.”

The list goes on. Former boxing champions, commentators and everyone around the world has the fight going to Fury…all apart from one judge who thought Wilder was winning even without knockdowns. Beggars belief and many are right in that he should never judge a fight ever again. He’s literally responsible for one of the great robberies of this generation. Fury was taking him to school with those jabs all night and Wilder’s crazy air swings was a result of frustration. You can say it was a great fight but Fury won that hands down.


wouldn’t have to after that kick back.


Watersports, eh?


Pisss off!


Ha, golden.


Well, I’ve now watched it twice and and still reckon it was very close.

Most rounds could have gone either way.