Boxing Thread


And you’d be wrong.

Fury convincingly landed more jabs, power punches, punches landed in total and had more punches landed in 9 of the 12 rounds and had far better accuracy. Wilder landed 17% of his power shots in comparison to his usual 55% from his last 8 fights. Fury negated him just like he did Klitchscko, as Wilder threw over 100 more punches and had less landed than Fury. Completely outboxed him apart from a few good punches thrown from Wilder.


No he didn’t.

You’re emotionally invested. You bought into the fairytale but have been left disappointed by reality’s intervention.

You’re hurting. But you will get over it one day.


Absolutely, why else would I bother watching if I didn’t care about either boxer? Love Fury (like you love Wilder) but also appreciate Wilder’s power but can be honest enough to see basic evidence that Fury outboxed the man comprehensively. Fury beat the man in every conceivable statistic.

Statistics, facts, logic, former world champion boxers, experts, analysts and 98% of the general public think Fury was uttery robbed.

On the other side, we have the Wilder fan in Diggers who thinks Wilder’s 17% of wild rubbish haymaker punches landed, from over 430, was the equal of Fury.

They definitely breed them special in WA.


Although Fury landed more hits, there ultimately wasn’t all that much between the two fighters at the end. Many rounds were close statistically. Some are painting a picture, some including you, that has Wilder missing everything, every time which is distortion of what actually happened. The bout was very close with Wilder scoring two, not one, two knockdowns, one of which saw his opponent enjoy the benefit of a very charitable post-count debriefing from the referee which went a long way towards assisting him to limp over the line.

The fight was very close. A draw is a good result.


You say there wasn’t a difference, but there was a difference. Facts prove this. You say there wasn’t, but there was.

If you don’t include rounds 9 and 12 (which Wilder won comprehensively) there was a 25 punch differential for the other rounds in Fury’s favour, that’s 35% more in Fury’s favour. He landed more jabs, total punches, more power punches, more accurate despite over 100 less punches thrown and won more rounds.

Fury’s timed fall to rise was 9.90 seconds in that last round. Both fighters were CLEARLY instructed before the fight, as backed by both fighters afterwards, that the ref told both he was going to give both fighters a chance to continue if they were downed by going from one corner to the other. Both knew this pre fight. There was nothing charitable about it. Some refs don’t do this, but both knew was would happen going in.

If you don’t take my opinion for it or the other 98% of the boxing world, maybe listen to all the former and current boxing champions who think Fury won easily. Having been in the sport itself you’d think they’d know a thing or two. Take your Wilder glasses off. I look forward to the rematch, if it’s not in the USA because Fury would need to win 10 rounds to get close.


A rematch is a good result, a draw is not. A draw makes more people think dubiously of an already dubious sport.


I’m saying there wasn’t that much of a difference. I’m starting to think you’ve been hit by a Wilder bolo punch and things aren’t getting through like they once did.


Well if you think that you’d be wrong, because there was a substantial difference. Every key statistic proves you wrong. If I was knocked clean by a Wilder blind punch I’d still have the common sense to see logic with the rest of the world.


I sense you’ve been punched around the ring a fair bit and are showing signs of distress.




I feel like I’ve been worn down by an idiot for 12 rounds whose done a lot of running but failed to land a logical shot.


See, that comment proves you’re concussed.


Don’t you love it when two sweethearts have a tiff

They will kiss and make up


Concussed from the sheer bombardment of stupidity you’ve thrown my way.


You’re confusing rational with stupid. A sure sign of concussion.


If anyone is going to be an expert on confusing rational with stupid, it’d be you. You’ve also mastered the art of delusion in the off-season I see too.