Boxing Thread


Money ‘thanking God for this amazing event’. Bahahahahaha. FFS. Ka-Ching.


As much as I can’t stand Money, watching Kenshin sook post-fight (thinking he had any sniff in a boxing only fight against Money) is most unbecoming (and fckn ridiculous). I miss the days of K1/Pride over NY in Japan.


Pro boxing is sport entertainment and as long as people are prepared to pay, acts like Mayweather and the Japanese fellow will keep happening.

What’s funny is that most of The published opinions had Kenshin winning.

A bloke who has never straight boxed beat 50-zip Floyd Mayweather?

And that’s why Money is called Money. He doesn’t lose yet people pay good money to see it happen time and again.

The bloke who beat C McGreggor will be next and he will make more in a losing boxing contest against F Mayweather than he would in 10x UFC bouts.

Mayweather’s cache is in not losing. That’s why you won’t see him up against Canelo Alvarez or GGG or even the gun lightweight who’s name escapes me at the moment because he would lose at this stage of his career and you can’t have that.


Spot on, Diggers. And let’s not forget that Money dodged Pac-Man during the latter’s zenith.


That’s true but in fairness to both fighters, they made 3x more money from their 2015 encounter than had they met in 2009-10.

But had they met in 2009-10, Mayweather would have won.

He’s the finest welterweight there has ever been. By a mile and then some.


The second you dodge a fight is the second you cede any claim.


So you’re saying it’s not actually a sport?
And pride in performance, and achievement, comes second to making money?
So sort of Wall St in oversized satin shorts.


He is a smart man. Lets see him beat the likes of Tenshin in kickboxing or Conor McGregor in UFC. Nope because he isnt stupid enough to to do it and lose.


He’s 41 and past his prime. Why would he face anyone in a sport where he is the novice? Plus, these other athletes seek him out for boxing only contests because ‘Money’ brings the money. The Japanese fellow made more money in last night’s exhibition than he has probably made in his entire career.


It’s sport entertainment but where you can actually die.

Adonis Stevenson, former light-heavyweight champion for 5+ years straight is still in hospital from a bout from December. This isn’t some bum with. 2-4 record, he knew what he was doing and he now probably has irreversible brain damage.

I fully support any athlete who is prepared to put their backside on the line like that to earn every cent they possibly can along the way and if that means a fight is delayed or even doesn’t happen, so be it. There are enough great contests along the way.


They all do it. Ali refused a rematch with G foreman? Reckon he was no good? Leonard refused Hagler. Leonard was no good? Frazier didn’t even fight Norton. Frazier is a ‘ducka’? If the money is right, the fight will happen. Why do you reckon Wilder fought Fury and not Joshua? Joshua ducked him? Please.


Including random challengers outside the pub?


Wilder fought Fury because Fury accepted straight off the bat and both got a fair portion of the gate, whilst Joshua refused to fight for anything less than basically all of the vast majority of all the revenue. Joshua has only fought bums outside of an aging Klitchscko past his prime, but still draws 70k+ so he is definitely ducking Wilder. Joshua can make the same money but keep his head on his shoulders by not fighting anyone half decent. You can him smart no doubt but ducking is ducking, regardless of any Floyd “Money” Mayweather pep talk you want to give us.


Joshua and Wilder will now make three times what they would have had they met in 2018. Maybe more.

Joshua isn’t scared of Wilder. He’s smart.


Mayweather’s 3-0 against spouses.


Jeff Horn is an example of being dumb. He had to take the Mundine fight because he can’t get a decent paying match up due to being too hasty to take on Crawford. His brand is now pretty much worthless. He could have had earned millions had his people advised him to work his way up to the pound for pound champion. Now, he’ll be lucky to earn anything worthwhile whilst still taking all the risks to his health. He has been given very bad advice.


Or, he knew he struck gold by managing to beat Pacquiao and was trying to capitilise whilst the iron was hot. No one realistically rated him a chance against Crawford, no matter how many bums they tried to build up with. I think Horn knows his worth.


I don’t think Horn had a choice, it was face the No 1 contender or we will strip the belt. He had no power to dictate who he fought.


Don’t ever get into boxing management will you.


You always have a choice.