Boxing Thread


Though the fight Against Crawford was å unification bout.


Anyone watching Gallen vs Hopoate tonight?

A link would be greatly appreciated if possible.


I guess not.

FTR Gallen knocked him out in the 2nd


Did kostya tzyus son fight?


Yes mate. Had a good win from all reports


Errol Spece Jnr comprehensively dominated Mikey Garcia to retain the IBF Welterweight title. Each judge awarded every round to Spence with one judge awarding Spence a 10-8 round despite no knock down. Although Garcia was stepping up to 147 pounds, he was 39-0 and a 4x weight champion with 38 knockouts prior to this bout. Spence goes to 25-0 with 21 ko’s. He is for real. Spence v Crawford is the obvious match up going forward but Pacquiao could also be a worthy option. And if Spence was up for an additional challenge, he could step up a couple of pounds to take on Canelo Alvarez or GGG.


Full credit to Garcia for not going down given the barrage he sustained. However, he looked hopelessly outclassed up a division against Spence - slow hands, slow feet and no power or accuracy.

Spence looks special.


Not wrong. He took a sustained beating and stayed upright for 12x rounds. At the end of the 10th round, it appeared that his corner was saying “no mas” or “no more” but he wanted to keep going. I agree with your observations (slow, lacking power) but M Garcia is one tough customer.


It was a bit like when Kell Brook stepped up and took on GGG. You suspected it was a bad idea when it was announced. After 2x rounds, you knew it was a bad idea.


Yeah, he looked outclassed yesterday but it’s difficult to step up a division. For starters you’re carrying extra weight which affects your movement. Secondly, your opponent’s punches hit harder and take more out of you.

I was worried for him past the mid point of the bout. Essentially as soon as he had that mini fight back at the start of one of the middle rounds and it became clear he had nothing left in the tank. It was a miracle he didn’t get seriously hurt as he wasn’t giving Spence anything to think about.

Massive respect to Spence too. It looked to me like he backed off in the last when he could have really hurt Garcia.