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you see the score cards.....had them scored around the wrong way


I can understand the disappointment from non-boxing fans. It was an interesting fight but not an exciting one. People want and probably expect a lot of punches to be thrown.

And Mayweather was to "blame" for that. He completely controlled and dominated the fight. He planted doubt in Pacquaio's mind early in the bout by evading Pacquiao's early attacks and countering with his right. I don't think Pacquiao ever recovered. Certainly Pacquiao did not attack Mayweather enough to wrest control of ring and get the fight on his terms. And due to Pacquiao's poor start and Mayweather's excellent start, Mayweather could sit back and pick Pacquiao off when he had an opening.

I expected Mayweather to win but I did not expect him to outclass (in boxing terms only) Pacquiao to the extent that he did.

you see the score cards.....had them scored around the wrong way

The column headings don't match the colours assigned.

The headings match the scores, someone just put the B & R in the wrong spot.


If Pacman thought he had won the fight, he should get some better advisers in his corner if there is a rematch. I would have loved to have seen Manny win, but Mayweather was a clear winner.


Rematch is on apparently. The money too good to resist


Mayweather has said that he'd fight once more, but surely he's got two more in him. He would want to break Marciano's record outright. And 50-0 sounds a lot better than 49-0.

Rematch is on apparently. The money too good to resist


Money is too good.


Would McGregor really be stupid enough to fight Mayweather in a straight boxing fight. Would get creamed.


Would be the biggest pay day of career so far.


I'd advise McGregor not to do it as his reputation will get damaged. Just as I wouldn't recommend Money fight McGregor under UFC rules for the same reason. What this does prove though is that boxing is still where the money is at.


You dont get a lucky punch against Mayweather. Way too good defensively. Would be a slaughter.


In the boxing ring Mayweather wins 100/100
In the octagon McGregor wins 100/100
In the street, Mayweather dies

It will never happen. McGregor is contracted to UFC so Dana White will want a 50/50 split and Floyd is 0% chance of going for that.


Rugby League players have killed boxing in this country. Anyone watch that crap last night? Fmd.

Rugby League players have killed boxing in this country. Anyone watch that crap last night? Fmd.

I enjoyed what I saw of it.


Might just be me being grumpy but that Todd Carney fight was bizarre in its badness


I only saw the Gallen Paulo fight and was entertained. They are both very capable fighters and threw and copped some big hits. Gallen's comeback after getting rocked by some huge blows was awesome.


SBW and the league blokes are what happens when a once proud sport allows itself to become a freakshow for money.


Bernard Hopkins, aka 'The Executioner, aka 'The Alien' has retired at 51 with a pro record of 67 fights, 8 losses, 0 draws. What is most impressive about B Hopkins is that he came to the sport late in life (late teens) and competed at the highest level for 28 years. In that time he won his 1st middleweight title (IBF) in 1995 then the WBC and WBA belts to become the 1st man since Marvellous Marvin Hagler in 1987 to be the lineal undisputed middleweight champion when he defeated Oscar de la Hoya in 2005 for the WBO title. He defended his title(s) 20 times in total before losing in a decision to Jermaine Taylor in 2005 aged 40. After losing his middleweight titles (losing again to J Taylor in the rematch) he went to light heavyweight and again claimed the IBO, IBF and WBA titles, the WBA title coming at age 49. Famous for taking on the next best challenger, he has battled some terrific opponents such as Roy Jones Jnr (twice), Winky Wright, Segundo Mercado, Antwun Echols, Félix Trinidad, William Joppy, Joe Calzaghe and Chad Dawson. His dedication and unrivaled discipline sets him apart from his contemporaries. He walks away from boxing with it's highest respect. What a champion.


At the fight tonight, not bad seats. Even though I love my boxing I must admit tonight doesn't excite me too much but just had to be here.
Ex Richmond player Shane Tuck was the first fight and won a unanimous points decision. Wouldn't mind seeing Quade Cooper knocked on his arse just quietly either


Cooper taking the safe route. Fighting Lance Whitnalls love child