Boyles football photos

friend posted me this site

some very interesting old pics from essendon to be found and a lot from other clubs as well


The website is centred around the photos of Charles Boyles, a Melbourne-based photographer. Boyles primarily took photos of Australian Rules Football teams and players. He appears to have started this football work in the late twenties. He continued through the 1930's, the years of the Second World War, and then right up to his final photos in the early sixties.

Unlike most commercial photographers, Charles Boyles did not wait for customers to come to him. Boyles set up his camera on training nights, and on game days took posed team photos after the players had run onto the ground. These were sold directly to the clubs, players and general public. On Saturdays, at the games, the photographer's son Harley Boyles (and others) would take a satchel of mixed photos and sell them throughout the game. Unlike newspaper photos, therefore, a Boyles photo was something you could own, take home, and treasure.

There are no action shots or photos of games in progress. Boyles specialised in team photos and player portraits, with the players looking directly to camera. Today these photos are used by clubs, by family historians, and by those interested in football history. They often appear uncredited in football history books.



Fantastic. Muchos gracias senor.

ill keep this here there was a photo in boyles as well

i missed an auction chasing The Argus Weekend magazine  ( same one pictured below )

any collectors have any of these or any info on the mag ? google is sharing very little info

so far ive only been able to find pieces of info





where's the clash strip?