Brad Scott - time for probing the probematic spelling (Part 2)

It seems all the extra coaches (e.g. preseason training reports frequently mentioned so many more coaches on the ground providing much more direct instruction) may have helped with exactly this.


Cheers for posting that.
Reckon its as good a synopsis of EFC at the moment going round. And how Scott and the coaches now having the influence and the players responding tremendously.

We’ve still a long way to go and this is a long season. Our run in is tough, yet I’m on the red rattler to success no question…

According to Miguane we seem to be 2nd in a number of areas to Sydney right now. Interesting that.

Because me thinks the home and away game that will define us this season will be R23. When the return Friday night Essendon v Sydney at Marvel big show arrives.

If we win that one, and finals beckon with an emotional hoodoo busting finals win follows …

Well then
We’re properly back.



Poor Massimo. So easily forgotten.


I asked the same question in round 1. As much as we have some very good tall talent, I don’t think they can all be played. This is a shame, because some will request trades for opportunities, but this is only an issue that good teams have.

Of cause, this is only an issue if they can remain un-injured.

I thought you said that it was elite players that would win us games.

I said they would win us finals.

The top teams all have good gameplans and development. It then comes down to talent and desire.

Clearly you need talent on the list. Look at Geelong last night, they were missing good players and got spanked despite having the same coach, gameplan and development.

You need multiple A graders to win a flag. We have several players playing at the A grade level right now. Whether they sustain it or not will determine how far we can go.

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I reckon that had zero to do with Hawkins and Cameron missing. They still kicked 15 goals. Danger, yeah, maybe, but it was their (lack of) defensive efforts that allowed the Suns to get 26 goals on the board. They were woeful, everywhere but deep forward.

Jeremy Cameron does do a lot of defensive running, though.

But yes, between Ollie Henry and their smalls, they certainly can still kick a winning score.

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I lived in Darwin for 3.5 years as a kid. I got on a plane in Hobart, and stepped onto the tarmac in Darwin. It was a bit of a shock to the system.

Geelong has significant best 22 players missing, but Gold Coast know the Darwin ground better. And then there’s a the heat and humidity.

It’s more likely all of those factors played a part. We can guess whether the missing players were a more significant difference than the ground, heat and humidity. But it’s just that. A guess.

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Sure most are old, but still useful players. Chris Scott at no point looked upset last night. I think he marked it down as a loss before the game had started.
These are the players that didn’t play from the week before.
Jeremy Cameron (Injured),
Tom Hawkins (Managed),
Rhys Stanley (Managed),
Mitch Duncan (Managed),
Sam De Koning (Injured)

For Geelong to improve long-term, R Stanley needs to never play again.

Reckon Ben Jacobs will be a senior coach someday soon

Loving coming into this thread and it’s not how ■■■■■■ Brad is but Chris.

Is that your prophecy, mothman?


Think Carlton’s performance tonight is the perfect reinforcement of Scott’s “things are never as good or bad as they seem” message.

They beat GWS by 19 – we beat GWS by 20. They lost to Adelaide by 2 – we beat Adelaide by 3. They lost to Collingwood by 6 – we drew with Collingwood.

All the more reason to keep the foot on the pedal against North.


That is some pretty cool statisticing you’ve done there.


TLDR we’re gonna get stomped by the Swans? :rofl:

Time to Rename this thread ….

Brad Scott - Took Off the Lid in 2024

I don’t care what any of you nervous Nelly’s say, Brad is a success.
I have already seen enough this season to know that our Team has evolved significantly.
You don’t need stats to know the ugly duckling grew into a Swan, it’s obvious to the eye of the beholder.

For me the GWS victory confirmed it.
We were the Team that when bested early by the likes of a Powerhouse GWS would have been blown off the park. What did we do in response?
We turned up the dial to 270
Red Lined it baby, and overthrottled the crap out of that game.

That is something we could never have achieved previously for more than about 5mins.

Make no mistake … our Team is good, is going to get better and is going to be great and Brad is a big part of it.


Players have brought in and the club are fully behind Brad


CH is lid off! Now I’ve seen it all :laughing:

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