Brad Scott - time for probing the probems (Part 2)


Such a wholesome group

Tiger fans seem to think Yze could be announced soon. If he’s good then strap in folks, this thread will launch!

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This is probably a stretch but wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest that they would be very aware of the talk about alcohol/partying/training habits and having the Coke out for the photos … but when the camera is put away, the boys are at play.

Not necessarily simple as that.z

Reasonable to say a young coach joining a great culture and stable club in Richmond is much more likely to succeed than at a destabilised club with a really poor culture in Essendon.

At Richmond he picks up from Dimma and runs with it.

At Essendon he’d be rebuilding a club. And a young coach in this respect wouldn’t likely command enough respect across the organisations vast stakeholders to secure support over a medium term horizon required. He’d be swallowed up like the others at Essendon in all likelihood.

Scott is probably the right coach for the now (3 years). Then hopefully he and his colleagues have rebuilt the clubs foundations so it’s ready to go to a new level under a younger coach (if need be).


We needed the AFL back on side also

BDB having come out of AFL house role

Yze would have been 3rd in line behind Hird as well anyway

Might be a massive pisstake as well for the boys back home.
" Look, we’re on the coke"

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Around here, it will be clear as day.

Perfect summation of what was occurring behind the scenes. Dodo was politically entrenched and no one had the gonads to get rid of him until Vozzo did.

All very chummy on the way out but the blood is on the paper (statement). Looks like a heavily agreed (and squeezed) statement.


Surely if they were taking themselves seriously they’d be on the sugar frees!!!

It will be interesting what the pre season looks like this year. I will be particularly interested in the forward 50 entries. Personally I feel the tactic of just dumping the ball in long to 2MP was a bust.

My only concern is that Scott experienced something that Truck did the year before in that there was a period where the players appeared disinterested.

It’s time for the club to back the coach to the hilt. The commonality in some of the issues over the past couple of years is the player group. Looks like the cultural change at the club may have to extend to the playing field.


If we had Benny Cousins at the club it would be the same except running from the cops and doing a line of coke

I think a few people have been calling for this one


Looks like @Humbert_Humbert was on the money.

First time coaches…GWS appointed Kingsley and he takes them 1 point of a Grand Final. Collingwood appointed McCrae last year and it was the same… so close to a grand final and now Grand Final 2nd year.

Brad Scott who is an experienced coach couldn’t get us to a final.

Is the difference the existing player fitness programs. Were these clubs ahead by country miles so new coaches come in and they can have big impact just focusing on game plans because players are well ahead in professional standards.

We overlooked Yze and now Richmond has appointed him. Interesting to see how Richmond go next year.

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Difference is the list quality. Simple as that


collingwood made a GF 5 years ago
GWS made one 4 years ago

the nucleus of those lists is still there - they didn’t bottom out and rebuild all over again

we are miles off and a single first year of ANY new coach ain’t changing that


Exactly. Both the Pies and Giants had far superior lists that were simply failing due to long term coaches that lost their way. Fresh coaches with fresh approaches were able to extract the best out of their lists that were already stacked with talent. Pies also just got lucky and got a F/S who is out of this world good.


Our list is ■■■■.


Annoys me so much that Collingwood got access to the Daicos brothers, Darcy Moore, and Quaynor through their academy

How N Daicos didn’t get bid on until pick 4 is also baffling.

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