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Get absolutely farked you flogs. This is football, not a marketing wankfest at Tesla.

Realise that all this talk of “brand” is detrimental to the brand. Stop using the ■■■■■■■ word to describe not being a rubbish team.

It’s not just us. This from Holland after the Collingwood game:

Commentator: “What did you talk about at half time that turned it around?”

Holland: “Just our brand, really”.

He then went on to talk about Robert Harvey mentoring him about what he wanted his “personal brand” to be. Jesus wept.

■■■■ off.


More corproate speak seeping into the game. Players must be reading the Wankword thread.


Corporate speak is as debilitating as dengue Fever.

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The term “franchise” is just as bad. Absolutely hate hearing such and such is a franchise player, or that clubs are franchises of the afl. (we know they are, but I still loathe it)

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Is this now Media training 101 for all players?

What’s interesting is that they use these types of words and phrases to presumably appear dynamic and more up to date than the rest of us but they come across as dull and sound like wankers.


Seems like a way to distance your self from emotionally investing yourself in the club. Because let’s be honest the players are living their dream mostly and need to put up coping mechanisms. Especially with the forensic scrutiny they get out under by the media and us forum/ social media ■■■■ wits.

But then conversely sounds like a cult way of talking so…


According to, a brand is “a mark formerly put upon criminals with a hot iron.”

Seems appropriate for Collingwood supporters and team to me


What is Holland?

I believe it’s a brand of lube.

What word would you replace brand with?

I wouldn’t.

Dan Jordan said the Essendon VFL girls were playing to the brand. He could have said they were playing for the team ( would be strange if they were not)

the only brand/s i know of are like big corporations and their “brand”.
which is exploiting asian workers and paying them 1 c a day to make their product.

I’m not sure if that’s the sort of brand we really want to be associated with, but eh.

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Where do you think our cheap members gear comes from?

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Here’s a good one for you about “The Geelong Way”.

Fark that.

Commentator: “What did you talk about at half time that turned it around?”

Holland: “Just our, really”

We redesigned our logo.
That really made the difference.

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