Bravado or low-key? How to appraoch this off-season

With some announcements being made soon (hopefully) there have been some talk with some people saying it should be a big press conference type announcement while others have suggested a simple statement from the Club.


I've been thinking about our overall strategy of how we approach this off-season and the lead up to 2014 season.


Should we be full of bravado and out in the public spotlight saying “we‘re ■■■■■■, we want revenge so look out” type stuff?


Or, should we just quietly go about the business of regrouping from the hell that was last year and keep a low profile in the media with no huff and fluff?

Loud directly to our members, quiet when communicating with the general public. Let our football do the talking to them.

Since we have managed to say nothing all year, I think we should continue to do so. The time to speak out was this past year, not now. 

I don't care as long as we don't become a finished players graveyard which is what most people want in the fridge forum.

just win games, that is all that matters. keep our heads down set ourselves for a real crack at the top 4.

We should hire Ivan Maric as our "silent, crazy stare" coach.

			<p><i><a data-ipb='nomediaparse'  class="" href='' title="Fortiter in re suaviter in modo">Suaviter in Modo, Fortiter in Re</a></i> (Gently in manner, resolutely in execution)</p>

Quiet as a mouse all year, then nuclear bombs in September.

Low key then Caro can expose us for our Black Ops

wtf is this thread? Just win

Actions speak louder than words.  Let our actions speak very loudly.  Keep our words to ourselves.

Adrian: There‘s one thing I want you to do for me.

Rocky Balboa: What?

Adrian: Come ‘ere

Rocky Balboa: What?

Adrian: Win…

Adrian: Win!

Mickey: What‘re we waitin‘ fer?! Take this!

The general theory to mouthing off is that you only do it as retaliation and return fire.


Mouthing off to North about being pleased NDS selected them is weird because he did. Brad Scott didn't say anything about Essendon in his speech he was just proud of his own club. Its odd to personally attack him. It also give them the moral ground we are the one to first unfairly mouth off.


When you are in the crap like us, you don't mouth off. You take your small wins, like Bomber being appointed, take a " we'll see" approach to your attackers and then pay out once we smack them up bit in 2014.