Breakfast Cereal - Milk first or second?

Did the milk splash out cause it was added first?

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Look at the milk/cereal ratio on that packet. Outragous. Kinda how my kids used to roll, before they understood and agreed that tipping a litre of milk down the sink was not in the best interest for dads mental health and family cohesion. They now have learnt that that is also why cereal goes in first so only the amount of required milk is used for the meal. I have written a thesis on this. I am right.


No way underneath. Much cleaner to eat.

I compromise by leaving out both milk and sugar.

But back when I used to have either, it was certainly teabag out, or for leaf tea, milk and sugar last.

And instant coffee is a complete obscenity.

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What the fark is wrong with you man? What if you accidently pour too much cereal into the bowl?

Whatever the case, no use crying about it!

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You eat it. Like you drink the milk if you pour too much milk in.

Yes it is

My Milo method as a child was Milo first, tiny splash of boiling water second to dissolve the Milo, then add milk.

But what about being to eat the lumps of milo from the top of the milk ?


Based on 20 years observing this place I was expecting more “milk first” weirdos

Have to say I’m pleasantly surprised

Good job everyone

Except for…well…you know


You still get a few. You could add more as a fourth step for the best of both worlds.

Sometimes l just eat a spoonful of dry Milo. Yum.