Forget the party, she can’t even get her cabinet to support her,

Worse still, she can’t even get the minister(s) in charge of Brexit negotiations on her side.


It depends on what you’re assigning blame for. May ran an election on doing a deal. She did the best deal.
I totally blame her for lying about Brexit left right and centre. As I’m blaming Corbyn. Both had opportunities to lead, and have failed to do so. But I think May has mostly delivered on her promise, she got a deal done. The deal is rubbish because reality doesn’t match pink unicorns. She is now stuffing up as she won’t let it go and back a second referendum, but neither will Corbyn. There both pretty shitt at this stage.

And simply saying labour is the opposition is simplistic. Have you never heard of bipartisan deals? Negotiating?

Hell, Corbyn’s messaging, which is totally within his control, has only helped to make matters worst. Is May responsible for what Corbyn has said?


As long as the carnts sort it before I get there in July I don’t give a flyer what they do.


I hope the whole thing falls over so that my kids UK passports are still good things for Europe.



Will it really affect you? It will affect me as I have a UK passport that currently is good throughout the EU, but won’t be come March.


It could possibly affect me in regards to increased prices, longer processing times at airports coming and going from UK to Europe etc.


I was actually wondering how much tourism would be lost to the UK if it is no longer seen as a hub for Europe travel.


Dear Britain,
Before you began Brexit, we were so close. There was nothing I couldn’t tell you about the countries we spied on, and we always had a great time playing cricket together. You were my best friend in so many ways, but after years of Brexit, I barely see that happy, fun person anymore. You seem sad, you’re struggling with your health and with the stress, and every day I see the problems that Brexit is causing you pile up higher and higher. I’m worried every day that you’re going to end up in recession or as the ■■■■ end of Europe. I want to do everything I can to help you get back to a place of arrogance, of Oasis and Live Aid and that time you beat us by a couple of runs in the Ashes and behaved like you won 5 nil – of just being okay without Brexit.

Your behaviour has had a negative impact on me in the following ways…


Out of interest, which political party was in power when the referendum was posited?



It was posited by Cameron when going for re-election. At the time he was in coalition with the Lib-Dems, and was concerned that UKIP was draining votes away from his party. Because the UK uses first past the post voting, any vote for UKIP just split the conservative vote. Ironically, if he’d supported the Lib Dems referendum on preferential voting, it wouldn’t have been a big issue as UKIP voters would presumably have voted Torry as a second preference.


As you well know, it was the Conservative Cameron. It was a stupid move then and the extent of its stupidity is continuously growing. He did it purely to appease the Brexiteers in his party, believing, quite stupidly, that it had no chance of getting up.


So the referendum was taken to an election by conservatives
Run whilst conservatives were in office
And conervatives have been in power since

And it’s Labour’s problem.

Got it.


It’s everybody’s problem. Well, if you’re from the UK anyway. The level of power different actors have to influence the result varies considerably, but anyone who has some power and has failed to step up to the plate will share some blame if it all goes pear shaped. It won’t be equal blame, but May and Corbyn look like they’ll both have a lot of it.


Problem was the wrong choice of word.

One party, the government through this whole mess, has 99.9999% of the responsibility here.


I don’t think anyone is arguing that the Gvt don’t have 100% of the responsibility for causing this situation but the responsibility of the opposition to work towards the best outcome for the UK is whats being discussed. Corbyn can absolutely sit idle or even actively hinder the process then hope to rule the ashes or he can show leadership beyond partisan differences & be a force towards getting the best possible outcome. I would think worse case scenario for him would be to be seen as a hindrance only for a successful (to some level) Brexit to come to fruition. On the flip side there is the possibility he can be seen as the hero saviour who’s leadership was the reason resolution waqs found & a popular passage into the next PM would ensue.


That’s like saying WWII was Churchill’s fault.


huh? In your haste to be contrary you really really fail at comprehension. I have no idea how you could possibly draw that analogy from what I wrote.


You don’t want them to have proper British* Blue Passports?!

(*Made in France)


Agree that many of the Conservatives have been terrible throughout the process and most “blame / responsibilty” lies with them. An incredible number of them have backed away from making any meaningful contribution to the process via resignations, or by actively campaigning against May’s deal. Shame on all of them.

Many labour MPs voted in parliament to trigger article 50 and start the withdrawal process (including Corbyn), some “blame / responsibility” lies with them. Many of them also represent electorates that had a voter majority wanting to leave the EU. While it is not incumbent on them to automatically support ANY deal proposed by the Government, I personally think that they have a responsibility to the members from their electorates to contribute positively toward finding a way for the country to leave the EU in an orderly manner. It is difficult to point to any positive contributions by the labour party to the process and when recently invited by the Coalition into talks regarding the tabled deal, they refused the invitation. They think that the best way they can contribute to Brexit is to vote against the government to trigger a general election, get into power, and start negotiations all over again. Shame on them too.

It’s perfectly acceptable for people to be ■■■■■■ off at all politicians over this shambles.


Wasn’t the brexit deal put to the parliament a steaming pile of excrement.

Why would they vote yes to bad policy.