Parliament seems to get more than 1 vote on Brexit…



You think upstanding citizens like Rees-Mogg and Farage would lead people astray!? Astonishing assertion.


Boris Johnson is honesty and self sacrifice personified


He’s self-something personified…


A grade ■■■■


Floggiest flog that ever flogged.

  1. To stop talking about Brexit cause it’s getting really boring

  2. … ummmm we’ll get back to you


The parliament vote on the extension of time is hilarious. They already know they can’t get it!

Parent: So for dinner you can either have chicken or fish

Child: Ah no, id like to have cake for dinner

P: Yeah you’ve already been told you can’t have cake for dinner, that’s not possible

C: But I want cake for dinner

P: Yeah, again, that’s not possible, we don’t have any cake, that’s not happening



C: And, fine if no cake today, I will have cake in 2 days based on our negotiation. Thank you.


UK was never leaving the EU and May has done well to disguise that. They have voted for no hard brexit and no to mays deal which means they have to have a second referendum, which they basically voted for. The referendum will be leave with mays deal or stay and as the leavers wont vote for her deal then the stays have it. The idea of leaving was so insane it was never going to happen


I’d like to think you are right.
But the stupid seem to be prevailing these days.


The recent polls have actually been in her favour, Conservatives up by 10 points in some of them.


They also voted last night against a second referendum. It was one of the amendments.

They’ve pretty much voted “no” to everything.


I thought the House of Commons vote was non-binding. But then, so was the referendum.



There is no coherent consensus on any meaningful angle on any of this.

They’re all able to state what they don’t want, but no one has had a workable platform to actually facilitate Brexit anywhere other than fairy land.


I’m just beginning to get a feeling that it’s almost working its way towards a vote on Teresa May’s deal (because there isn’t any other deal, and there never will be one that’s materially different), or no deal Brexit, or don’t leave at all. I know they’ve already rejected a no-deal Brexit, but if May’s deal is rejected for a third time, then the only options left are leave with no deal, or don’t leave.


There is a problem with the dates for elections to the EU Parliament. For so long as the UK a member, its citizens have a right to direct elections. But if the UK leaves after that , EU Parliament could then be paralysed.
May is scrambling to guarantee the DUP votes and a few others. If not there could be a UK general election.
Agree that the EU unlikely to change its offer except at the margin. If it agrees to extend Article 50 by a few months, the UK may be able to sort itself out internally.


I’m not sure why adding a few months will suddenly change what the UK parliament wants. Or rather, doesn’t want.


Even with a Labor Government there will be no resolution to the Brexit clusterfark. The labor party is just as divided both on Brexit and internally with Anti-Corbyn wing of the party.


I don’t understand why the EU should be the sole decision maker to terminate the projected customs union arrangements. It goes against all treaty making practice.
Also, why should it not have been categorised as an interim arrangement, with a view to a later agreement?
May got some sort of interpretive document which could have left it open to interpretation under the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treatied , but her Attorney General more or less scotchef it as providing substantive legal cover for the UK to terminate
There are suggestions that come the Leave date, the UK will not apply tariffs. If it is not done under customs union arrangements, the UK would be obliged, under WTO rules, to extend such concession to all other WTO members.