Cane washing baskets can ruin a delicate shirt, but if nostalgic England is what one is after, you can’t go past pork pies. Food of the gods.


Nah, I always think pork pies fail to deliver. They’re tasty, but not as good as they sound.

Cornish pastries, and beef roasts with Yorkshire puddings and horseradish sauce (and all the trimmings). Those are the two key English culinary successes!


Pork pies in York, there’s a bakery or two up there which made it worth having a heart attack in your hand.


Let England get out of the EU if that is what they want — and the sooner the better !

BUT — Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to stay. So it should be and must be:

Goodbye and good riddance, England — and Goodbye and Good Riddance to the English Empire, known colloquially as the “United Kingdom.”

Let the imperial English consign themselves to outer darkness.

Let Northern Ireland join with the Republic of Ireland in whatever arrangement suits them both, probably in a bi-cameral agreeement of equal parties.

Let Scotland take over the UK’s EU seat.


Whereas a guillotine, if expertly used, hardly need to touch the shirt as the head falls into the cane basket.


Scotland had their chance. They voted to remain part of the UK. Funny really, coz now look!!

The Scots, Welsh and English all hate each other.


Anne Boleyn probably admired the French swordsman for not ruining her dress.


The Scots voted to remain part of the UK within the European Union. That was in 2014; the vote to remain in the UK was won by 55%. A lot has happened since then

The 2016 Brexit vote has changed everything, but the stinking Tory Poms won’t admit that. The “Leave” side won the June 2016 referendum with 52% of the vote over the whole of the UK. In Scotland, 62% of votes were to “Remain” in the EU, with a majority of voters in every local authority area.

As for Wales, if you check the break-down of the Brexit vote there, you’ll find that the real Welsh voted to stay; the “leave” vote was carried by the immigrant English living in Monmouth, the Cardiff area and the Swansea area.

You didn’t mention Northern Ireland in your reply to me. Can I take it from that that you are yourself a Pom ?


What will happen first, Brexit or Essendon win a final?

Should be a poll!


My post was meant to be a bit tongue in cheek!

As for Ireland, some over there want the English. It’s a huge clusterfark no matter which way you look at it.

And presuming I’m a pom…well!!! Gloves off now, mate. Fair dinkum ■■■■■■ Aussie here! (Though I did live there for a few years a while ago, but that doesn’t make me favour them one way or another…actually made me more of a Republican that I ever was).

That some parts of the Union want to stay in Europe cant be helped, as the count for the whole Union is what matters. This, of course, we know.

They can’t have some countries within the Union with Europe and some not.


The Scots can push for another independence vote if they wish.

Economically, an independent Scotland is likely to struggle and that’s always been the main sticking point. But they may vote the other way this time. They’ve certainly asked the EU to keep a spot open for their return.


If I want a heart attack, I go for deep-fried Haggis. I actually think its delicious!


Don’t they have ridiculous amounts of natural gas to prop them up?


That may have been “didn’t they?”


Your use of the word “Union” here is confusing. Do you mean the “European Union” or the “United Kingdom” ? I’ll assume you mean the latter.

In any political Union between countries, the wishes of a majority in each country must take precedence over the wishes of a simple majority of all citizens. If this is not adhered to in the situation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, where there is a large population imbalance in favour of the English, it allows the latter to ride roughshod over the smaller constituent nations and effectively enforce their Little England Empire to their own advantage and to the disadvantage of the smaller constituent nations. This is exactly what the Tories are trying to do in the Brexit debacle. Thjey have centuries-old form in this, of course.

Of course they CAN “have some countries within the Union with Europe and some not.” It simply means that if England insists on leaving, their United Kingdom is dead. The Tories, spoilt brats that they are, want to have their cake and eat it too. The Scots are quietly telling them to eff off — as are the majority of the Irish in Northern Ireland, btw. Check out what Sir John Major of all people had to say yesterday about Brexit and the Party he once led.

I’ve seen the tiny vocal minority of Dublin residents who are commenting on social media in favour of Brexit. These are what the rest of Ireland have always referred to with contempt as “West Brits”. They will be ignored in Ireland, as they have been consistently since 1916, when their great-grandparents spat on the Republican soldiers who were forced to surrender to the English Army outside the GPO in O’Connell Street. They are utterly irrelevant — and utterly contemptible.

Finally, if you don’t want to be thought a Pom, stop believing and rehashing all the arrant, selfserving bullshit the English Tory propagandists keep dishing up ad nauseum. Even the ABC — to their shame — rely almost entirely on the English media for their Brexit reporting. If you want a more balanced view of Brexit, read the Irish Times website, and (presuming you don’t speak French) the English language version of Le Monde.


Interesting set of 4 options allowed by the Speaker in the current sitting.

Corbyn has instructed Labour MP’s to vote in favour of staying in the Single market (an option put forward by a Tory MP) including full movement of people. Which is in direct breach of his own parties stated position. He now faces an internal rebellion on this particular vote.

The speaker has also allowed a vote on an option that could lead to withdrawing Article 50 if the UK are within two days of Brexiting without a deal.

May is apparently waiting to see the outcome and will then submit her deal yet again (???), hoping that enough Brexiteer MP’s will now vote for it rather than risk a very soft, watered down, or even no, Brexit altogether.


And all four options were defeated, albeit narrowly on a couple. Again.




All 4 options voted down.

Neg perm CU with EU by just 3 votes, Hold Confirm ref on any deal by just 12 , and Stay in single market, neg CU by about 20.






Corbyn calling for second go at the 2 closest options on Wednesday.

2nd ref getting closer and closer to it’s inevitable happening.