I get that you hate the English, that’s understandable considering their horrendous record.

Personally, I couldn’t give a toss either way if the UK broke up and went their separate ways.

But as for Brexit, the majority of UK citizens voted to leave, so leave it must be for all of them.

The London area voted to remain, but they can’t remain in Europe as a separate entity of some sort while the rest of England leave. Same goes for the other countries in the UK.

And this bit; “if you don’t want to be thought a Pom, stop believing and rehashing all the arrant, selfserving bullshit the English Tory propagandists keep dishing up ad nauseum.” I honestly don’t know what you mean by all that and why you should think that way. Who says I do believe it? Take your hatred of the English Tories to them. I’m simply making a comment of the whole issue rather than a political party.


So they’ve now voted on 12 separate scenarios - albeit a couple are basically re runs - and parliament hasn’t agreed to support a single one.

But they HAVE voted to not give themselves the option to withdraw Article 50.

Utter chaos. The hard Brexiteers are probably happy, because at some point the EU are likely to kick them out.

Merkel has told Ireland that they’ve dropped the ball by not being sufficiently prepared for a No Deal exit of the UK.


Worth noting that none of these things are binding or exclusive/definitive.


Conservatives are splitting in the UK as they are here, and also in the US.

ICR who it was on The Drum the other day who, - when comparing NZ and Canada, and their reactions to the Terrorist attacks, to how all those countries that have a loud and destabilising Hard Right, and how they have reacted, and / or treated the “Others”,- noted one thing all 3 have in common, that NZ and Canada does not, … The Murdoch fkn press!


Seeing how the referendum wasn’t actually legally binding and the Brexit is being done as to not renege on the promise to act upon the result, why doesnt the government over there act like any other and just break that promise, throwing their papers in the air and declare it’s all too hard?

That way they can go back to their cups of tea and cucumber sandwiches and watch a few episodes of Yes Minister in peace.


I think we could all enjoy a few episodes of Yes, Minister.


One of the best written TV shows, ever.


Definitely more on point than some glitch jazz I just listened too.


The heavy defeat of the "stop a No Deal/Withdraw Brexit " option is most surprising out of all that.

We already knew the CU and Single Market had some real support across both major parties.

But there’s no real coherency or consistency across any of the parliamentary actions over the past 6 months or so, so i probably shouldn’t be surprised.


The referendum redo gets everyone voting it seems.


From what I can tell, a confirmatory referendum option - if it gets up - would mean extending things for a long period, possibly years. They’d still need to agree on a deal, then get the EU approval for said deal, then organise another national vote, then potentially transition out. Not sure how the EU would view that after nearly 3 years of already stuffing about.

Either way, they now inevitably need another time extension or its out the door on April 12.


All that chaos would make Farage happy, if no one else.


Interesting video on Bercow defending his choice of voting options.

Some knucklehead has his knickers in a twist because he wasnt allowed to vote on ending the backstop whenever the UK wants (Option A).

Lmfao. No idea how Bercrow didn’t lose his ■■■■■ at the fool, instead calmly pointing out that there was no point considering something beyond the UK’s power to grant itself anyway.


Today is the day I officially lost any idea of what is going on. Isn’t April 12th set in stone if there is no alternative? That is 10 days away!


In theory, yes. They have until April 11/12 to show the EU a consensus on the new way forward, or accept Mays deal. It seems that the only alternative they could possibly put forward to get more time from the EU is a nationwide Customs Union with the EU. Which is obviously not strictly a full Brexit.

They were only a few votes from this being a majority decision today and most likely they’ll try to get this up again on Wednesday. Which would then give the EU a reason to extend the deadline.

However, there were some non voters on this question today, so I’ve no idea which way those votes would fall on Wednesday, if at all.

One of the main EU negotiators has already stated that following today’s votes, a hard Brexit with no deal is almost “inevitable”.


With a no deal Brexit on the table, I’m guessing all the private businesses across the UK and Europe already have trading deals well and truly ready to go.

(Or is that not allowed?)


They probably have force majeure clauses in their contracts - no-one has any clue about the outcome.
Suffice to say that UK companies have stocked up on imported toilet paper. No surprise that the UK is one of the biggest per capita consumers of said product.
One of the best lines was that May is the only person to fall on her sword and miss.


I still find her thinking on that bemusing. I’ll increase the attractiveness of my deal by resigning!? Even more bizarrely - and damning - it actually seemed to get her deal a few more votes, lol.


I don’t hate the English ! I hate the English imperial ruling class, represented by the Tory Party, upon whose outlook and beliefs the Australian “Liberal” Party, whom I also hate with a passion, base their whole selfserving, demented view of the world. Do you know that the word “Tory” comes from the Irish (Gaelic) word Tóraí, which means “brigand” or “highwayman” ? How apt.

And here we have the reason why I thought you might be English yourself — because this statement is false, utterly false — and anyone who believes it has been exposed to and accepts the English Tory propaganda peddled by their gutter press. The so-called “United Kingdom” is formed from three countries England, Wales and Scotland, and the north-eastern part of a fourth, Ireland.

It is only the English who claim the Union is indivisible, and who refuse to accept a majority vote against them in the other countries of their UK, and who insist on one-person-one-vote across the whole of their UK, because the majority population on the island of Britain is English. The Scots, on the other hand, want to remain un the EU, and there is a strong movement in that country, and in Northern Ireland, getting stronger every day, to tell the English Tories to go to hell. However, this movement goes mosty unreported in the British media because it doesn’t suit the English Tories and Murdoch.

I know the London area voted to remain, but the London area is not one of the constituent countries of the UK, but only a part of one of them, and therefore must wait to express its discontent at the ballot box. How long they’ll have to wait is anybody’s guess: the Tories don’t want to call an election they know they’ll lose, and the little, fat, old Queen won’t sack her prime minister (although she has the power to do so) because she likes a quiet life, and doesn’t want to upset any of her Tory pals.

I suggested you stop gaining your information on Brexit from Australian media sources which, due to the innate laziness of our journalists, rely almost exclusively on English sources. I suggested you look at the websites of The Irish Times and Le Monde (in English) but you have ignored that — as is your prerogative, but please stop regurgitating English propaganda which is as false as it is misleading.


OK. I’ve done some more reading on this subject, and haven’t ignored your suggestion to read The Irish Times and Le Monde. I read some of the Irish Times but couldn’t find much specific info if Nth Ireland and Scotland could stay with the EU. Maybe I wasnt using the search terms correctly.

However, reading The Guardian, specifically this article;

has told me I was incorrect. Nth Ireland and Scotland could remain in the EU after some complicated legal matters were resolved.

I’m happy to be stood corrected on this.

As for regurgitating English propaganda I did it unwittingly! lol.

It would be helpful if all media were to state these facts openly.

(I still have an issue with you thinking I’m English)