So it’s the D/N/HBC now?


This should be the new name of this thread…


I think Rees-Mogg and Farage are thinking of sending in the gunboats to quell those pesky foreigners like they used to back in good old Queen Vic’s days.

After all, the wogs begin at Calais.


Cabinet Secretary sends May a memory jogger about the consequences of a hard Brexit - including reversion to direct rule in Northern Ireland and worse than GFC impact.
Probably telling May what she already knows, but politicians can’t claim the civil service kept them in the dark - they will have to wear it.
Merkel visits Ireland and actually talks to community groups sharing her own experience of the hard German border.


it’s a tad… interesting


Well she does need him to vote for an extension until June 30.

Looks like she’s that desperate for it, she’s offering to give him one in return. :smirk:


Macron loves the older ladies.


Sounds like a rolling extension of up to one year, to end if/when UK parliament finally agree to an exit deal.

UK have to hold EU Parliamentary elections and basically behave themselves in the EU P (lol, what does that actually look like!? Farage / UKIP will go out of his way to be a pia)
EU approved exit deal will not be renegotiated, only the political statement wording can be looked at.

So they have more time, but do they have the desire to actually agree on any of the compromises inherently required?


■■■■, you’d love to play poker against this UK.
They went all in on a 2 & 8 off-suit. Face up.



Fast forward to Oct 15 and still no deal…


there was never going to be a deal and there wont be a deal they are not leaving and never were but have to play the game until a larger majority want to remain


We were talking about this at coffee this morning. Both sides are riven down the middle. Probably the best solution is for a national coalition government for two years or so.

With a benevolent dictator even. I’m nominating Prince Bill. Chuck’s a galah.

Last paragraph not particularly serious.


I would suggest none is particularly serious.


Would be much more interesting under Harry.

NHS converted to a state funded nose-beer dispensary?


Harry is easily the most relatable character they have. Partying, drinking, shitstirring rebellious larrikin.

Should be an Australian.

Actually, can we vote for him next month?





A DNA paternity test would be interesting


Racist !