Bringing back the mongrel

Last night I really noticed some of our guys getting stuck into the port players.
Raz and Corgi both gave it to the port player tackled by Hooker for the 1st goal.
TBell picked up and half threw a guy laying on Dys? at a stoppage.

One of my favourite thing from 2000 was the mongrel and attitude of our guys. For the 1st time in a while I can see hints of it returning.

I get the feeling some of the boys are getting some confidence in the team and I hope this snowballs.

Anyone noticed other examples recently?


In the same passage of play as that first tackle, which I thought Raz should’ve got the free as he laid the first part of the tackle. Raz gave him a squeeze of the neck and Green offered up some words of advice.

But you want to know what my first thought was? WTF wears New Balance football boots? And there’s Greeny wearing NB footy boots! What kind of club are we running if someone has to wear NB?


Had Raz for 1st goal #filthy

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Am I right? He had the blokes arm and then Hooker just comes over the top and claims the free.

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Having a bit of mongrel is always the last piece of the puzzle for me. There’s no point having it if you don’t have talent or can’t execute, but once you have these traits, mongrel is a must to gain premiership success IMO.

Lav, Frang and Begley will add to this once they become permanent fixtures in the side.

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wouldn’t call it mongrel.
definately a bit of attitude from those players mentioned though.

Green ran up to hartlet to clap his pissy attempt to touch the ball on the line, then slapping his hand in a touched behind motion as if to say why didn’t you touch it.

hopefully the mongrel comes from it, belly was about the only one who i saw try to mongrel/intimidate players.

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NB are (trying to) conduct a bit of a brand renaissance/reinvention and are redesigning all their stuff incl. their logo and their boots are half decent. Few big endorsements, Aron Ramsey for Arsenal wearse them (just one off the top of my head).

Also Green’s boots look siiiiick IMO

Well, to be honest, they’re predominantly black, which is better than 99% of stupid coloured ones you see at the moment. Yes I’m old.


This is one thing I mark a good team on. All the great teams had attitude/mongrel.
We are slowly building that way.
Helps to have a coach who was a â– â– â– â– .