Brisvegas slugfest. match review thread

Closing the match thread shortly, so here’s your venue.

This game never happened. Would gladly see it struck from the record books and marked as a forfeit.

■■■■ poor win.

I'm not sure what you guys want.


When we lost to the Saints everyone said "Why can't we win ugly", "Why can't can't we grind out a win".


Well we have for the last two weeks. We are really out of form but found a way to win.


I'll take those 8 points any day. We actually fraught out two wins when previously we may have just given up.

Bunch of sooks in the match thread.

Just a small point - Paddy Ambrose didn't have a great game but in the last couple of minutes he put his head down and charged straight at the ball with Jonathan Brown coming the other way. Got cleaned up but won us the ball and consequently the match. 



5 weeks in a row 10 goals or under.

Last 5 games we have scored 60 points, 65, 60, 73 and 65. Forward line experiment has not worked and it is time to face the truth on this.

Happy? No.


Relieved? Yes.

Sydney will destroy us.

Very bittersweet for our QLD fans.

Only positive is that I believe our backline is premiership worthy, and that’s what you build on.

Eventually we’ll find a forward line, and heads up bomber, Carlisle isn’t part of it.

Looks like a popular kid Aylett.

Did just enough to win, but not an ounce more.


You aren't gonna go very far kicking 10 goals a game.

Getting sick of deleting games immediately of IQ. 


FFS Bombers. 

A lot of lid on people will whinge about this but we won. We were challenged and found a way to win. I’m happy. Job done get back home and find out we’re we are at against Sydney.

Another debutant who looks a player.

Of course we need to improve and it definitly wasn’t a great win but each win is a step in the right direction. Hope we step it up again next week.

Broken the interstate hodoo. 

Major problem. Totally out of form as a list.

Only positive. Finding a way to win. Which I will take gladly.

Oh, and hurls.

Oh, and Zachy M

Are dunstall and Dwayne still wanking over Zorko’s runs which all ended up in turn overs??

How Jon Browns match winning, turning the game with 5 goals going Kingy??

Our backline… RESPECT.

Worst win ever.

Paddy Ryder GUN effort two weeks running.

Hard to believe that a team could have lost so much of their skills in just under a year: from finals contender to scraping a lucky win against the bottom-ranked side.

yeah i dig zerrets work as well. smart, tough, reasonably quick, finds the goals.