Brownlow Night 2019

I believe there’s some sort of Brownlow thingummy on tonight.
Given no Essendon player is likely to win, and being still full of schadenfraude about Collingwood’s loss, I haven’t paid much attention.

But who is likely to be the top polling Bomber (umpires pet) this year?
Remembering it’s a different voting system to the Nobby’s or the Crichton.
And is there any Bomber likely to receive their first Brownlow vote this year?
Has Ambrose ever gotten a vote? Could this be his year?

Well, he did kinda play one game in the midfield… but the umps probably looked at the stats before voting, and will give Fyfe the one vote to get him over the line for a second Brownlow.


Snelling should get a vote from the Port game I reckon

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$13 for Cripps. Yes please

Doubt it…a lot.


This thread back in the day in the mid 00’s… OH shiiiiiiiiit


Haven’t watched it in years. Too much theatre with that dumb ■■■■ reading the votes, long pauses etc.

Plus the idiots on the red carpet, ■■■■ me


And Lil Gil being the host.

(He might be less creepy than Bruce, admittedly.)

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Macrae for the win, Boak to place is ridiculous odds too.

the good old days


Same here. Like every other awards show, it is an exercise in tedium, with lots of back slapping between the actual votes. Cut the time in half and l might be interested, but then l never watch any awards show. l might tune in for the last round or few, but that is about all.

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this will be the first time in many years that i will not be watching it , got no interest and that f u c k w i t hamish is hosting🤢


Which Hamish?


Can’t stand Hamish.
Has 0 personality or charisma.

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Fun facts from AFL tables

Stringer has only 1 career Brownlow vote. (And they say personal issues don’t affect the umpires judgement)
Along with Conor and Langford

Hepp needs 5 votes to draw level with Rotten Ronny Andrews ( & John Birt) for a career tally. How did Ronny get 73 Brownlow votes - not that he wasn’t a great player but see Stringer comment above.
Sorry, Ron Andrews got 58.5 adjusted votes (the double counting years)
This would move Hepp behind Tim Watson, into 12th on the all time list for us.

Shiel has 36 votes
Zac Merrett 45

Walla has a career total of 5. The same as Crameri & Scott Cummings. Any votes tonight would take him into the top 200.

Only 16 of our current list have ever polled votes.


I will be happy to watch paint dry instead.


Not implying anyone should watch this snooze fest
But I always find myself checking the Round by Round Essendon tallies the next day.

Good prep for revisiting the Umpires Thread

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IMO it has to be out of Shiel and Merrett as the Bombers best, they both had good years…not great, but they are around the contest under the umpires watchful eyes.

As a matter of interest, Zac finished the season as #10th ranked Mid in the comp, above Shuey, Sloane and Pendlebury and our best player. ( according to you know who)

According to their calculations, Zac finished the year better than in 2018 and rated highest in his career.

Our next best mid was ranked 21st mid in the comp. Coniglio was 20th. At his peak in 2016, Shiel was rated 8th best mid in the comp.

Coincidently the form guides in the media place Zach at about 10-12th in the Brownlow voting ahead of the actual count.