Brownlow - Who will Bruce creep on in 2018?

Give me some good tips ladies and gentlemen.

Does Heppell necessarily get most votes for us? Is Smith a shot perhaps?

Surely Titch doesn’t actually win it, his impact on games remains moderate despite the massive possession count. Gawn or Grundy perhaps?

I think Mitchell will win. Only benefit I can see from that is that then there’s one Mitchell from Hawthorn who’s legitimately won a Brownlow.


Sidebottom at 51 for a Smokey.

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had a $60 bonus bet sitting in my account and threw it on sidebottom at $67. think peddles and grundy take too many votes away though

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Franga, or the injustice will be noteworthy.


Heppel to poll 15-18 votes.

Smith will struggle to even get 10.

Brownlow is like the most popular vote at school.


Wouldn’t be surprised if Martin went back to back

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Jack Martin in 2019/20 for us you say?

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Think the big boys may win it. Umpires were told around r7 to take note of ruckmen (gawn and grundy)
I believe it will be mitchell,gawn,grundy to win it. But who freaking knows.
Heppell will lead ours i reckon. He had some consistent big games where he will poll 3s compared to smith who get some 1s & 2s

I would be. He didnt have a great year. In saying that he would probably be given 3 votes in a few games where he couldnt hit a target to save his life

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Nah Francis going to win 2019-2029.

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sprays the umpires far too often. no chance.

Mitchell will win, theres no one else at Hawthorn to take votes off him and they finished fourth.

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Other way around for mine. My old man reckons Smith will be in the top 5 and I agree with him. He’ll rack up bulk 2s and 1s.

Mitchell & Gawn 1-2. Martin, Oliver, Smith to round out the top 5.

Bet easy bet builder is great:

I’ve put up a few crazy ones to drop a 5iver on

SSS to poll more combined votes than the winner

Winner to poll more than GC and ■■■■ Carlton combined

Richmond to out poll GC, FC, BL and StK combined

Franga to poll 3+, Gawn most melbourne, Winner 30+



Hey! betting on Franga getting votes is as responsible as being a 50 year old virgin!

Someone needs to have a look a the Nobby - this has assisted me in several good bets for most Ess votes in the past. You just have a look at the games we won (particularly those we won easy) and it can be of great assistance…

Speaking of Bruce, did anyone hear what Hirdy said about Bruce’s commentary and Cox from Friday night’s prelim? Pretty funny.

don’t tell us. i’d like to be kept in suspense. forever.