Bryce Gibbs

I went there.

Give me one good reason why not.

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He’s a better idea than Brad Green.


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His face.

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He is still contracted.

Blues will want too much.

He wants to go to Adelaide for family if he left.


I’ll give you three…
Scott Camporeale, Justin Murphy, Matthew Allen…


3 reasons /thread

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Fark Carlton


Like Ryder

We would need to relocate to Adelaide first.


Gibbs is to Carlton as Zaharakis is to Essendon.

Looks good when’s hes flying.

Looks like a dodo when he’s missing.

It’s a no from me.

In not unrelated , and arguably more relevant,
news, I’m trying to work out if the Site owner can be instabanned.


Would rather throw $$ at younger players.

He is a gun but won’t come to us.


would be better than Gumbleton or Brad Green

I couldnt see him coming here to be honest. Blitz would go mental if we gave up a first rounder for him
Plus he wants to go home, should have tried to be part of the Dangerfield deal at time.

If Carlton are getting Kelly they may be happy to move him on. But we would need to pay more $$ than the crows to get him interested, and i dont know if i would be comfortable with that.

I still prefer Fyfe and want him as a free Agent.

I’d feel dirty.

If he were 2 or 3 years younger you’d give it some serious thought.

Because fark Bryce Gibbs, that’s why.


Wasn’t he in full Bryce Squibbs mode 2-3 years ago?

Hell no!!!

Nothing should be done to help out FC offloading a guy on big coin before he becomes a free agent*

*i have no idea on when he becomes a free agent, must be soon though.