Need to watch game V Saints
We are in Budapest
Can watch on mobile
Anywhere on big screen would be great
Ps only 36 degrees here. Lots of beer to be had

Should people who complain about being on international holidays be banned?

  • Yes
  • Yes, twice

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I was there a few days ago and phone/tablet is your only real option. I had no luck finding any AFL even at sports bars or betting outlets.

Traveling with too much (Antler) baggage

I have been watching on watchafl, has been OK.

All you can eat Mongolian Barbecue.

Edit: I doubt they’re showing the football, but eat the food.

Thread could’ve gone anywhere on that title.


Curse you, Allblack. I’d nearly forgotten that hot garbage ever existed.

man just get on the unicum and ruin the rest of your trip.

Open a sports bar and reap profit.

Seems that most corners of the globe these days has an aussie run sports bar.

To find aussie expats overseas, my formula- look for a cafe that has a flat white on the menu(sign that you have found an aussie run business) .

Then ask where you can watch footy.

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Nothing worse than am earworm that actually requires some sort of vocal range.

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John Bull pub
Watching now