I looked at Heppell’s stats the other day, he played against Sydney ten times in his career with just two wins. He also only got two wins against Hawthorn out of nine matches. His best record is against Port Adelaide, 8/9.

So, yeah, that’d be nice!


If he dropped a bit of weight he’d go on a bit longer.
IMO Swans have kept his playing weight too high over his time there.


Yeah I think he could trim down a bit and play higher up the ground like Riewoldt and dare I say it Richo.


Is everyone deliberately ignoring the defensive small fwd option here?


Lugging around 95kg would be considerably easier than 110kg.


He is Aboriginal but outside of that, I just don’t see it.


He can’t mark


Perfect for the Alwyn Davey role then…



I think we are back where we started.


Well, 92kg + a couple of g’s, and 110kg + a couple of g’s.


Would need to get 6 inches shorter. His shins would look ■■■■■■ silly.



I can vouch for that