Building your first home


How big?
There’s heaps of options if you get 600mm or 900mm.

Other sizes (500, 750, 800mm) are a bit of a niche, and you pay for that.


I am happy with standard size, probably 600mm with 4 burners.



Steer clear of technica (Bunnings’ uber cheap brand). In laws had one, no end of issues. Apparently quite common.

Wok burner on a 600mm top can be more of a pain than anything.


They are more expensive but is a good unit.


I’m not sure Westinghouse are locally built anymore.
Most iconic brands have shifted to cheaper manufacturing locations. Like Bosch to China.


Only going off what it said on the box.

Possibly some BS where final assembly is done here


We supplied the cardboard the screws were packed in.


I have a Miele oven and cook top.

I got it at a pretty decent price, and because I knew some people wet their pants for them.

Whilst both do work ok. The stainless steel cook top scratches even if you look at it. It’s ridiculous, I’ve never owned something so ‘fragile’, that is a work station.

Wouldn’t recommend purely for that reason.

The cooker, is ok. Costs about $90 to replace a light globe (of which there are 2…) says enough really.

Next kitchen we get I’ll be buying a cook top that’s indestructible, and an ovwn that has an accurate digital thermometer/thermostat. (Can’t believe how inaccurate ovens are.)


induction people, this is not a drill.


Can you do poached eggs on it?


Inductions I’ve used we’re trash


Gas all the way.