Bullshit Your Kids Believed


And then there are the one armed bandits. Rob you blind, they will.


That’s the one


Where I was married in 1987 to the minister’s daughter!


Ahhh. Pre or post earthquake?


A guy I once worked with was in despair that his 21yo daughter fully believed that Carlton Cold beer was naturally colder than other beers.


Repost from the secret shame thread a few years ago.

When I was about six years old or so, there was an ad on BTV6 during World of Sport for Barry James Smash Repair in Sebastapol.
Against a pitch black background a decent sized rock would shatter a pane of glass that you didn’t realise was there until…you know…the smashing. And there was a very loud sound effect.
And the voiceover said in a very serious voice, “It can happen at any time.”

At no point during the ad was it explained how it happened.

So, while I never voiced this fear to anyone, because even then I knew it was friggin’ stupid, I still honestly believed that under certain circumstances, rocks (not the little asphalt pebbles on the road but the big friggin’ rock in the ad) could leap through the air unaided and smash your windscreen.


you monster!


For some reason one of the ads that has always stuck in my head was for Ballarat Nuts and Bolts , with a set of cricket stumps bolted together. It was a later ad, but maybe they pre-empted zing bails!


They did some quality work.


My Dad was bald in his early twenties. He told my sister and I that the Japs took his hair in war.

We believed it for a very long time.


Thanks for getting the thread back on topic, Mr. Fox.

I intended it be about bullshit that kids heard from parents and believed to be true.


Also posted elsewhere, but I didn’t want to swear when I was driving with my kid in the car so clown was my insult of choice.
Look at this clown!
You friggin’ clown!
So many clowns on the road today.

So of course LMW believed there were an awful lot of literal clowns driving around, and they were terrible drivers.


Attractive people are allowed to be wrong. :joy:



When I was a kid one of my siblings refused to eat pumpkin. Like steadfastly refused. So when he was a primary school aged kid my parents used to mix mashed pumpkin with mashed potato and feed it to him, claiming it was “yellow potatoes” (that’s the colour the mix used to go).

For many years he used to request yellow potatoes for dinner to everyone’s amusement, including when he was a teenager.

Only recently though (like a few months ago) he told my family at a gathering that he been craving yellow potatoes for years and he had been asking at all the supermarkets but nobody had ever heard of them.

He’s currently in his mid 30s


Not my child, but my brother, he would have been 21 or so at the time around when Mary Mackillop was canonised, highly intelligent guy, I had him convinced that her canonisation would involve her ashes being shot out of a canon into Vatican city while the Pope holds a canonisation ceremony.


When I was a kid Dad told me that if I wiped the sleep out of my eyes I wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep. So if I woke up early I’d never wipe my eyes if I wanted to get back to sleep. This went on well into my teens, even after I realised he was having me on.


The divorce was their fault.


well that escalated quickly