Bunnings go ape


Hmmm chutney.


Sausage sizzle day has just opened at Bunnings. Let`s see how many bother with the onions, now.
What about the tomato sauce that drips onto the ground ? Is that not a slipping hazard ? Or putting up the tent right next to the disabled parking spots and inconveniencing the people who need to park there and space to get out of their car ? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Just visited the local Bunnings and yep, buns were in use. Not a slice of stale bread to be seen.

I asked the sausage keep if he was familiar with the ‘stale white bread’ technique favoured by onion spillers in the eastern states. He said he knew of this strange regional kink but wouldn’t allow it to happen on his watch because, and I quote “we’re not farking animals, mate. It’s one of the more obvious ways to distinguish the sofisticated types from here and those dopey onion spillers from over there. Only a silly **** would favour a slice a stale white bread over a freshly baked, fit for purpose bun. Surprised they don’t slip on onions more often”.


It’s important to remember that many Germans with their isolationist mentality also embraced the tenets of National Socialism. The rest of the world knew it was wrong.

And yes, Godwin has officially granted an exemption from his law in this case due to the flagrant barbarism emanating from the West.


We’re willing to share the ‘sausage in a bun’ technique with you over there but it seems that you’re having a hard time understanding how it works.


You know the kind of guy who turns up to the working bee all in new RM Williams stuff?


I’m curious to see @Alan_Noonan_10’s response to someone claiming to be sophisticated yet not even being able to spell it.


I must say it’s also a little confusing why the buns are seemingly fresh yet the bread is apparently always stale.


Why anyone would want it to work…


Well, you can’t understand why a fresh bun is preferable to stale bread as a sausage housing so at least you’re being consistent in your confusion.


Look, you can use Nokia as an example of how these things play out. You Onion spillers are like Nokia. You’ve been doing sausage sizzling a certain way for a long time. You’re comfortable with your methods. It’s the way you’ve always done it. Why innovate? There’s no reason to change. People love a wrinkled sausage on stale bread, don’t they?

On the other hand, we over here are like Apple. We took an old way of doing the sizzle and improved it.

Now, you onion spillers have a choice. Continue to spill onions and hurt yourselves (Nokia) or take advantage of our Western innovation and profit from our improvements (Apple).

Don’t fight it. Embrace it.


Fark you’re annoying


If Apple were filled with bloatware and wasn’t very good at what it was supposed to do.
I don’t think you’re thinking of Apple.
Maybe Zune?


I don’t try to be.


You mean you charge more for less functionality, don’t give a ■■■■ what people actually want, are founded by complete carnts but loudly broadcast your inferior wares so intrusively that idiots fall for it?

I agree with you wholeheartedly.


Don’t be like Nokia.

Embrace the buns.


Don’t you guys have bakeries over there that sell fresh bread?
Why are the buns fresh but the bread stale?


I understand all of East South Africa’s bread has to come from the motherland.


its hard when you have to import bread because all your wheat went to emu export


It’s a good question.
Why is all the bread stale in WA?
Come over east. We have fresh bread.