Bunnings go ape


Going to be honest in saying that I don’t mind the non-diagonal sausage.


you are dead to me


How many random as fark Diggers troll threads does this board now have?


You guys are lucky not to have tried a perpendicular haggis and gravy sandwich.


No changes up here.

Don’t know what all you city people are going on about.


There’s a pattern developing here.

I think we should encourage NZ to secede as well.


Well, you like a sausage on a piece of stale bread so why should the direction of the sausage bear any consequence to the outcome?

It will taste like sh*t regardless of the sausage placement.


You know, if you held interesting views on anything, you could be having as much fun as me.

Don’t be like Nokia, white-bread-boy.


I remember Diggers story’s about being beaten up for wearing the wrong shoes growing up.

I don’t think it was about the shoes.


Don’t be like Nokia.




I wonder if this is going to as big a saga as ours



That snag would fit perfectly if arranged on the diagonal.


That bread is stale as, bro. Stale as.


That bread is so cheap and nasty that it can’t go stale. It will remain soft (note, not fresh) until the heat death of the Sun.


Someone forget to put a sign on the front door of Bunning "Do not eat food past this point”.


You could be right. On closer inspection it looks more preservatives than flour.


And strangely enough, … the exact same recipe as for Rolls.

(fkn “Buns”, … phhffftt …)

See, … They are actually “Bread” Rolls, … soooo, guess what?

You’re still eating a Sausage in fkn “Bread” you nuffie.


Diggers loves the sausage.


Digs loves the sausage snuggled the way he wants it.
I can’t fault him on that.