Bunnings go ape


Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


You saying he likes to Snuggle the Sausage, … or Smuggle it?


sausage in a stale, rock hard, crumbly, bloated white bread roll.


Fresh, snug fitting roll.

Try it. You won’t go back.


Unless it’s a Kielbasa, Bratwurst or Kranski, . you’re just filling up on Bread,

Too many Carbs, not enough Protein, … leads to Obesity, … so you’re doing yourself exactly Zero favours, but instead, getting fat and harming your overall Health.

Fk the snag in a Roll, … it’s a Cardiac time bomb.

Fortunately, just a Health Emergency in backward WA and not a National one, … and thanks to the good sense and taste of those from the Civilised rest of the Country, … never will be.


This thread isn’t seriously still going is it?


Lecturing about health in a thread about sausages…


You know, by asking if the thread is still going you keep it going.


Should’ve made the comment in Olde English if he wanted it derailed.


Sometimes I think @SMJ isnt in full control of his faculties.

Other times I’m convinced.


You’ve written 43 posts in this thread about the difference between bread and buns. I don’t think my faculties are in question, ya big looney tunes


Leaning more towards ‘convinced’.


What’s for lunch Digs?


Poached eggs with basil.



On toast?


Just imagine his little mind when he finds out about plates. Will be life changing.


Nah. Toastless.


He’s going to just shove his face into it while it sits on the kitchen bench. No cutlery or plates. That’s how they do it in WA you know


We don’t spill our onions over here is what we do.


My local Officeworks has a sausage tent out the front.

They offer roll or bread slice.