The truncated blob at the top left was yesterday. The rest happened today.

There is probably a shitload of kangaroos in the surf at Pebbly Beach.

Bye Kioloa. Population of it and Bawley Point is about 1000.

Do your freaking job, Durras Lake.

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It’s quite an eerie feeling in Sydney tonight. The smoke is probably the worst it’s been with hardly a breath of wind. Should be blue skies and a lovely evening but everything is just grey.

So much forest will be burned Sydney will be free of smoke haze for decades. I guess that will clear the air. Once most of the forests are gone, Morrison will say the government has fixed the bushfire problem. No doubt the Nationals will propse a novel solution for the farmers whose western NSW farms become non viable dustbowls. Relocate them to the burned out forests close to the coast.

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Young fellow, voluntary member of the Rural Fire Brigade in the Bega Valley Shire, lights six fires and then goes to fight the fires and gets caught lighting another. Magistrate gives him bail. FMD I just don’t get it, obviously the law and order don’t either.

When are they going to lock these blokes up with a bracelet around their ankle during the fire season?


Elvis took off from Moorabbin heading East this morning at 7 am. The East Gippsland fire season is on us again

For those interested. This will be worth looking at this summer when the fire season gets into full swing.

and NSW ( DJR already posted.


and QLD


DJR, looks like the NSW south coast fire burned down to the beach, and stopped just North of Durras.

It appears they’ve done an amazing job, so far, of property protection, but it ain’t over yet. Had some lucky sea breezes. Wind now picking up NW, and pushing towards those coastal towns again.

They’ve started warning the northern suburbs of Batemans Bay they may need to get out, and they’re 5km from the nominally-mapped fire boundary, not 100m.

Durras Lake has been an effective barrier so far.

Police in Victoria door knock everyone with a history of arson on the morning of each hot day. “Hi. We know you. We are watching you. Don’t do anything stupid or you’ll be caught.”

Seems to work.


We had a fire at the entrance to our road. It’s still smouldering currently, but the helicopters water bombed it when it first started a couple of days ago.

And we live in Cairns, and it’s meant to be wet season…But hey, climate change isn’t real. Move on everybody :roll_eyes:

Let’s talk about/action things that really matter, like denying refugees medical attention… :man_facepalming:

Never have I seen the wet tropics so dry. I’ve been up here since 2013 but visited several times prior. This is one part of Australia that should never be burning, yet it started a grass fire on top of the mountain due to the extreme weather.


There have been outbreaks on the hills around the northern beaches over the last few years .
But yes its a fairly new phenomenon associated with a late wet season. Thats one reason why those up in the deep north want the wet season to come early, but its getting later. If its any consolation its late in other places like India as well ( but more like May/June/July of course ). Back in the day, my Bhutanese friends could pick the EXACT day the monsoon would start. The weather has become more and more erratic.

Your Cairns fires show up on this map

The largest conflagration, the “mega fire” at Gospers Mountain near Sydney’s north-western outskirts, was likely to burn for weeks until substantial rain falls, likely at the end of January or early February.

The NSW Bureau of Meteorology said the largest fires simply could not be extinguished by water-bombing aircraft or firefighting crews on the ground.

“The massive NSW fires are in some cases just too big to put out at the moment … they’re pumping out vast amounts of smoke which is filling the air, turning the sky orange and even appearing like significant rain on our radars,” the bureau said.

Smoke has reached Canberra.

I was there last weekend and it was pretty smokey, nothing like Sydney, but still noticeable. I was in Torrens most of the time.

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Uncontrolled fore blazing on Kangaroo Island now. Hope they get on top of it. Such a beautiful place and would hate to think it got too damaged and it’s spectacular wildlife too affected. At least the seals will be okay.


And Saturday to Monday are projected to be the worst fire conditions the country has ever seen according to the CFA.

Stay safe blitzers.


Take this one seriously. If you have holiday plans in east Gippsland this weekend, don’t. It’s going to be the least relaxing place imaginable.

If you live down that way, you have a lot of help heading your way. I haven’t seen this level of mobilisation in advance of a fire day. That says something about what’s coming.

Decide now if you want to stay. Go over your plan, check your equipment. Unless you are 100% prepared, both mentally and physically, I’d suggest a visit to friends and family. If you do stay, expect to have no assistance when it comes, no access to reliable food, water and power for days afterwards. Many people are about to have the most stressful days of their lives.

And for those elsewhere in Vic. Take it easy. Emergency services are going to be stretched statewide. Don’t use that grinder in the backyard. Check the hoses on the bbq bottle. Clean out the filter on the evap AC. Don’t drink and drive. Just take it easy. Normally you have a fire truck at your door in 7 minutes. That’s likely not going to be the case this weekend.


Going to Lake Fyans (near Halls Gap) as we do every year on the 30th.
Most concerned I’ve ever been about it.
First sign of trouble and we are vrooooom.

Yes re Gippsland. Great Alpine Road is expected to be closed for some time and Omeo was already having power outages and no mobile network earlier this week.

So which apps/services should I be monitoring for up to date info.

Going camping at Harrietville near Bright. Just want to stay on top of things I’d ■■■■ gets real.

https://www.emergency.vic.gov.au/ for all the latest information and warnings.

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