Most of the fire fighting aircraft such as this would be flying out of Essendon fields


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So you live in one of those massive palaces in Greenvale !

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Wrong Blitzer - there’s a refugee from Trump America IIRC

You said flight path!

Only overnight

Hmm, now it get interesting, did you stay for Breakfast?

All those international flights landing or taking off when it’s too late for Sydney, then crashes on the Calder, Air Ambulance or helicopters to Melbourne Hospitals that Bendigo can’t handle.

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Quiet period from midnight to 5am. Only a few stragglers and freighters. Has been relatively few diversions from Sydney of late which helps.

Scary day.
Several small fires (that are said to be under control) in the Grampians already.

Yep, we were just having this convo at work.

Wind has been dreadful.

This Watch and Act message is being issued for Dadswells Bridge, Laharum, Ledcourt, Roses Gap, Wartook.

There is a bushfire at Grampians National Park, Mt Stapylton that is not yet under control.
The bushfire is located east of Mt Stapylton and is travelling in a southerly direction.
A wind change is expected around 2:00pm, which will cause the fire to change directions towards Dadswells Bridge and Ledcourt. Conditions can become very dangerous and unpredictable.
This Watch and Act replaces the Advice message issued at 12.19.
Don’t wait, leaving now is the safest option - conditions may change and get worse very quickly. Emergency services may not be able to help you if you decide to stay.
If you are not prepared, you should leave now.

This type of weather horrifies me.

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Halls Gap and Lake Fyans being told to bugger off now.
Personally, I would have done that last night.
Dangerous as hell in the wrong conditions.

Jeez, that whole northern Grampians area only burnt a few years ago too.

Obviously hoping we get through today losing as little skin as possible.

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Catastrophic fire danger rating of 101 for the Wimmera…

I’m out of the loop on this stuff these days, but with storms forecast in the afternoon, the wind change is going to be extremely high risk. That change looks to be hitting in the next hour (seek better advice elsewhere) and will shift the fire direction by 90 degrees.

That has historically often turned a long but narrow fire into an extremely wide fire in an instant as the flank becomes the head.

If the left flank of those fires can be controlled before that change, the worst is avoided.

Looks like the fires did the predicted stereotypical 90 degree turn that traditionally causes carnage in Victoria. Can only imagine what the wind speeds were like considering the damage done to power lines out west.

Not all fires do this because weather can do odd things, but if you’re in the area of a bushfire it is really important to know what the wind is going to do over the course of the day. What feels like a safe place to be can become the line of fire within minutes of a wind change.

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Have a friend that lives at a basic but still beautiful property in the area.
Their place was spared, and I’m so very grateful for that, but it seems like about 20 properties were lost, so that’s awful.

But it could have been so much worse. And I feel like one day it will be.
To me, Halls Gap is the Tokyo of Australia (the city…well, in this case town, waiting to die).

The firefighters did an excellent job of containing so many different areas, and emergency services did a great job of keeping people away and erring on the side of caution with evacuations and warnings (which of course nuffies criticised them for before, during, and after).

But nothing will be enough if we have a seriously bad fire there. And it’s not really if, it’s when.