Cab Drivers Go Ape


Like a gun buyback scheme.


Great irony they didn’t even show up to their own protest like it was 12am in the cbd.



What gives me the shts is that when I say the government should compensate the plate holders, it means you and I are coughing up. It happens time and again. This clusterfck was the inevitable outcome of hand-sitting early on and now taxpayers will have to pay up. If the government had said to Uber “you can operate here but under the same rules and costs of the established taxi setup or f*ck off”, taxis would have had time to adjust and Uber wouldn’t have been able to undercut taxis so viciously in order to gain an unfair slice of the market.


Yep - my thought exactly. Absolutely taxi drivers got screwed.


Be interesting to see what happens in Oakleigh and Clayton electorates at the next election. The Greek owners aren’t happy.


Lots of points to make and debate, but this above all others. Investors should diversify, not put all $300,000 of their dosh in one thing.


What if that one thing was a ride sharing app?


Wait, Hurley asked the cabbie for a handy J?


First and only industry that’s ever been shafted by a change of govt policy…

What about the workers who find themselves out in their arses whenever some minister wants to “save some money” by sacking a few hundred health or social workers?

Mrs H found herself in exactly that situation a few years back and the bottom line is you’re entitled to what’s on your contract and not a cent more. Health service even tried to dodge her and her colleagues out of said contracted entitlements.
There’s a reason a lot of companies build in a premium on Govt tender quotes, there’s significantly more volatility than private sector.


What you’re describing about Mrs H’s situation, which is no good by the way, sounds like a employment relationship with a government department rather than a financial investment into a government controlled and regulated sector.


But it amounts to the same thing, you can’t trust pollies as far as you can throw them.


That’s for sure.


It was more of a demand than a request.


Pretty sure the government offered a buy back scheme of sorts that put a small surcharge on uber rides. This would go back to taxi drivers to get the plate back to 300k from 150k. They rejected this offering.

I feel no sympathy. What a ■■■■ service we have been given forever, now i love uber. Even made the decision we only need one car as uber is so easy.

If taxi’s were clean, reliable and maintained i would use them.

I asked a cabbie in sydney to take me to darling harbour. He said he had only been in aus for 3 days and didnt know sydney well… there you have it why uber is killing it.


It’s only a matter of time before Uber’s offer the same service as Taxis - It’s not like Uber drivers are paid more than taxi drivers.


I just gave a poor woman I’d never met who’d been standing in the cold for half a fkng hour waiting for a Taxi a lift home.

Ring 'em up and tell them to stick it up their clacker I said, … I bluddy will, she said,… and duly did.

9.30 on a bleak Thursday night in Wonthaggi!! I s’pose they thought they could finish their coffee & crossword 1st and leave the poor old girl hanging.

They deserve to go out of business down here, .they are notoriously slack. We could really do with some Uber’s.



In this day and age? Surprised she got in the car.
Good on you though.


Saw the Raxi industry are fighting to get reimbursed for the time Uber was operating before they were legalised. Good try.

Personally I hate Taxis. My last experience was after a night out at the old Pool Room in Ferntree Gully. My wife, myself and 2 mates booked a cab to get us home in Boronia. Waited over an hour before 1 came. When it did asked for a name. I gave it and then when they asked where we were going went “No not the person I’m looking for” and drove off.

Had to wait for a further half hour for next one to which we just got in and told em where to go. They were ■■■■■■ off but had no choice as we were in the cab.