Cam Ellis-Yolmen

Has been delisted by Adelaide (with promise to pick him up in the rookie draft if available).

The few times I’ve seen him played in the center square he has looked OK. Big, strong (190cm, 90Kg) and seems to have pretty good pace for a guy you’d hope to use as an inside player.

Is coming back from an ACL but I guess if you are looking to pick up a bargain you can’t complain if everything isn’t perfect. He’s only 24, so around Heppell’s age which make him a good fit with our list demographic.

Seems to have been thrown around a bit by Adelaide in his earlier years maybe hurting his development? Or maybe I just saw the few good passages of play he managed?

Should we look at him in a draft where we have no good picks?

Not damaging/ effective by foot.

Hence is always a fringe player for them.

You can’t survive at AFL level if poor footskills.


Henry Slattery lasted about 7 years

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Could have been more if Knights had his way.

10yr contract eventually came Buddy’s way but not Henry’s.

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Saw him play a couple of really good games a few years back so checked his stats and pretty uninspiring for a 24yo.

He isn’t coming back from an ACL. He’s coming back from 2.

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He’s worth more of a chance than Billy ■■■■■■■ hartung



Oh, didn’t realise that.

I heard he wants to stay in Adelaide with his sick Nan, whom he is really close to.
Tough decision ahead.


As a rookie? I would.

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