Canvas Prints and other options

Just had some photos turned into canvas prints.
In the past I’ve used companies like Photobook Shop and Snapfish and at the time, the results were only meh.
But as these recent prints were really important to me this time, I did a bit of research and used a company called Brilliant Prints. They cost me a fair bit more but the end products is so much better.
Has anyone used any other companies they can recommend ?

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We used Brilliant prints about 5 years ago on a massive 81cmx122cm prints and they were…brilliant. Great quality materials, fast print and delivery and really impressed with the packaging/protection for the print.

At the time I looked at cheaper overseas options but in the end, it’s the quality of the frame and canvas that won me over. Also being in the printing industry in a past life I know shipping printed materials from OS is at risk of water/moisture damage.

Stick with them I reckon Mackster.

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Thanks for the reply.
Really happy with the quality and service.

We have been getting large posters for exhibtions made by a local company and the quality is amazing. I am not sure if it is actually canvas, but more likely a polymer product base, but the colours are vivid and the resolution great. Even photos that seem to have low pixel count come up very well.

We got some of these roll-up posters on a pullout stand that are about 2.5 metres and 1 metre for about $150 each.

RGB Digital. Based in Brisbane. Only place I do my prints regardless of whether its paper, metallic etc.