Caption after a Win Contest!

“It wasn’t my fault!”

Look how high Joe take mark.

“So THATS Parish”

“It’s like i’m coaching Sydney again… only we suck and have zero heart”

“Thank Christ… only 20 more weeks to go”

“I can’t see how we’re going to lose a game this year”

“Ooof! right in the beanbag”

4 Melbourne
Clayton Oliver

5 Essendon
Darcy Parish


Fark tippa(said in a whisper)

“Ooo…no, no. Goodwin was the coach today.”

Ooooh, my ■■■■.

"This feels the same as when I lost my virginity "

Oh, I sharted.

“where were you when the pingas hit”

" Oh Fark!!! Look at how many of the Bomber Army are coming over that bridge"

Up in the sky, it’s Bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Daniher.

Fark. Gil promised me they’d roll over.


I hope it doesn’t hurt this much when they pull it out.