Caption Competition



Come on doc, I need to give some more Viagra to caro, she has gone a bit soft lately...

And then you said “Tell ‘em to fark off!”

"You tell all them farkheads on blitz he’s “copped a knock”

You should shave your head, join the club.

have you heard the one about the doctor in Zurich??........

"You tell all them farkheads on blitz he's "copped a knock"

Lock thread.

Little: and then we self reported.


I told you I bet Bomber if we looked like winning, he'd whip it out at a press conference.............





And so Marketing came to me and said what's next year's slogan, and I said "Go with what Reidy told the AFL".


Little- I was so excited after court I posted a pic of bellys missus in the sorry saga thread.
Doc- now that's what I call the icing on cake.

Rieedy your phone was on silent last night. James rang me instead and told me he had frogs legs for tea, and now he's  jumping all around his hotel room. He wants you to ring Cochran to translate to a french chemist what to take to stop jumping.


Little: I heard there's a job coming up in the AFL you might be interested in.


Reid: I told 'em what I told 'em last year.

Little: "I'm cross"






*well thats all I can see



"And once we get it all thrown out, we are gonna have the biggest party you've ever seen, ■■■■■■■ and everything!"

I told Gil to relax and stop clenching, it hurts less

Little: And then I said to McLachlan I do so look like a mafia don and then I leant in like this and...




PL: "So I told the hooker, listen here, when I said Little on the phone, I didn't mean little as in small, I meant Little as in Paul Little."

DR: "Then what?"

PL: "I asked when she's free next week, and she said, she's too busy, Craig Thompson has me booked out."

"here comes wet willy for the 4-eyed nerd!"

"Hey Reid! Do you like Football?"
"Yes i do"
"Cool. i do too"