Caption This! # 3 for 2021

This one has already had a couple of examples in its original thread, but he look on Jobe’s face is crying out for more. Go for it.

McPhee: “…and that’s why you’ll find if you do an incremental analysis, although the quality is inferior, instant coffee is a far better value proposition than barista made espresso”

Jobe: “YOU FKN WHAT, M8?”


I was just going to go with a “PhcMee, pls”.


McPhee: “I don’t like wine nor coffee”

Watson: “WTAF mate??”

Hooker: “I’m going to farking kill you”


McPhee “I’ve got this great business opportunity for you guys. It’s selling peptides to elite sports clubs for health and well-being”

Hooker “mmmmm”

Jobe “can I hit you now or would you like me to do it after the photos?”

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“So I said to Richie you’re a dog mate, and your mother shouldn’t have mouthed off like that”

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although cale was prepared to indulge in adam’s attempts to “faith heal” his calf strain for him, jobe remained skeptical


Mc Phee " The carpet does match the drapes "

McPhee: Come, hold my hands and lets pray to Satan.
Jobe: Why are you pulling this crap Adam. You know Cale is a Mormon.

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“… and then, even after they’d seen all those WTF moments for the Dons (like when I played-on over the boundary line after taking a mark), the stupid bastards still wanted me back - can you believe it???”

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“So my old man was teeing up on the 4th and told this bloke I was staying…and HE BELIEVED IT!”


And then he said ‘finish your set and fark off’

I had 10 sets left!


McPhee: You guys realise I was all Australian at EFC
Watson: I won a Brownlow
Hooker: Mate, I won All Australian in defence and kicked 40 goals one year as a forward.

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Jobe: OMG I thought it was a joke. I never realised you actually are Skeletor from Masters of the Universe


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… .and so I said ‘but I’ve only got one more rep to do’

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“These hands never fumbled the ball once”.


@Stallion said that Nik’s is this big

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McPhee: …And this is why Essendon will win the premiership this year

I ■■■■ you not, this is how we used to have to carry Sandilands’ ■■■■ onto the bus

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“So I says to my young bloke Taj, watch out with this James Hird Academy thingo son, ya can be halfway through a rep and they’ll tell ya to fark orf”.

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