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“Do I look bigger if I do this Lloydy?”

“So, you’re saying I grab her around the waist like this?”

Jake: “Yeah, I saw him in the showers once, that’s how big they are, Hirdy’s… like watermelons.”

Lloydy: “And its not a tumor”.

Five foot two, 36 double D. I swear to god....

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It’s just a jump to the left, then a step to the right,
put your hands on your hips, and pull your knees in tight.

“My manager wants to increase his cut by this much on my contract extension”

I want to get my thighs this fkn big.

Well I went to the zoo, got a turd this big, and mailed it to McDevitt …

“Apparently Hunty had a line this long”

“So Clint says he’s holding the dwarf like this…”

“Matty…ahm…I was just wondering, right, if, well, maybe, you and I could have a quick dance like, you know, just friendly like…”

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What do you mean this isn’t throwing the grass from the highest point?

I think Lloydy’s just asking for his shorts back

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Lloyd: “Why do they call you “Buckets”?”

Jake: “These puppies right here”

If I could grab Carrrrrro’s head I would crush it with my hands.

Hey Lloydy, … whats this??

Dunno Jakey … what is it?

It’s the AFL “Help” grip.

Help grip?

Yeah, thats how they hold ya when they help you … just before they fk you over…

Ahhhh,… Ha Ha … ha… ha…

It’s not fkn funny Lloydy …

Oh … yeah, right…sorry.

Jake: What do you mean you don’t see it. Here, I’ll hold it up for you?
Lloyd: ummm…yeah, yeah, Its very cute Jakey… (thank god this kid can mark the footy, otherwise i’ll be admitting him)
Jake: Come on Bubbles lets go get a coffee.

When I kicked 4 or more?/ nah, they didn’t …

Yeah,… they all used to say your head would get like this …

I like big butts