Those sliders are a pain in the ■■■■ and heavy. I have 3 sets in there and I’d say this alone adds 15 kg. Back section is at about 35kg so I can lift it in but just. Not the weight so much as the fact Im trying not to scratch the ■■■■ out the back when Im putting it in. 2 people easily lift the back section in
The front parrt weighs nothing and it all folds up into the boot space if need be. the current matress probably wouldnt also fit into the boot as well as the car is a bit narrower at that point. The matress is 1.8 mtr x 1.2 and the boot space is about 150 mm less on the with. so the folded up matress probably wont fit in the boot very well.

Our whole set up slides out onto a trolley that sits level with it. It is then stored on that. I reckon you could make yourself one. Much easier and cleaner to get in and out as you don’t have to lift it up.
Pic below


For the van modders, does it impact the road worthiness of a car/van?

Weight distribution is one thing, but aren’t you worried about being rear ended and having a double bed mattress shoved up your backside?

The camp set up is attached to the floor & if the mattress comes forward it would only hit the back of the seats. (Our mattress folds into 3 sections). If we were rear ended that hard I think it would be the least of our worries. :weary:

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As far as legalities go as long as you don’t exceed your GVM it’s fine - same as towing a van.


Drifta use Teflon strips to slide their drawers in and out. They work well and are light weight and no noise/rattles.

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Drifta are fabulous- had them in our Troopy.

yeah sounds good !

That’s some very nice handy work.

Anyone tried the Trakkadu, which can be retrofitted?

I’ve certainly considered one but wow, they are sooo expensive, even for a ten year old model. My decent car and A grade camping gear that our family has accumulated is a far better option.

Family and friends had them, one retrofitted.
They were so neat, with solar panels on roof, inbuilt kitchen and fridge, cupboards, I think even a pull out shower, skin water reservoir, plenty of storage
It only seats four, so not suitable for a larger family.

I’d never heard of them. They look pretty snazzy.

This is the set up I want.
Except on a camper trailer.


Have you checked out Ultimate campers? Light to tow, everything you need (also not cheap unfortunately) They have various versions…

Yep they are the Ultimate but too pricey for me.

Ironically, I was going to buy an Ultimate when they were $17K back in early 2000’s but couldn’t wait for the build time.

Those early ones have actually appreciated in value.

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Yep, the wisdom of hindsight… cars, houses, land, vans…

I sold my Jayco eagle and purchased a 2012 Jayco expanda. The eagle was alot to do for set up and pack down so wanted to get something a little easier. I sold mine and purchased the new one within a couple of days of each other so worked out well and got it for a good price. The expanda was mint inside but was a little dirty and tired on the outside. I replaced the gas struts on poptop roof as well as new rubber seal and replaced all new roof latches and painted them with rust proof paint before installing, gave the van a polish which got it from dull to shiny, replaced all the decals with new custom ones I purchased online and got all new tires as the ones on it were 10 years old and getting the roof re-sealed tomorrow. Also serviced the roll out awning myself. It has come up like a new van.


That looks fantastic. You’ve done a great job.

Do you have storm covers for the ends?

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No not at the moment. It has the black shade cloth over the bed ends. Talking to another guy who was selling an expanda and he told me the storm covers are a must and well worth the money. I know with the eagle when we had alot of rain we had to keep pillows and blankets off the canvas to stop the water seeping through.

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