Caricature unappreciation thread


Looks over. Wonder if cilic has anything left


Poor ■■■■■■■. You can literally see the defeated look on his face


I think he’s done very well. Early it looked like straight sets.


Cilic done better than most would have expected.

Now facing 2 breaks points


Gets the double break!!!
Serving for slam title 20


Take any bets on Federer crying accepting the trophy?


Federer was cooked eh?


The king

I love him


Looked it at the end of the 4th.


When Feds about to lose a set he just concedes it. Goes a long way to his longevity.


Hate when they challenge on match point it ruins the moment.


Really they should just hawk eye every shot. If the player challenges on match point then the ump can just tell him it was out/ in without taking anything away from the moment.


Basil-the best we’ve got


What happened to the old bloke that usually does it?


Mike Willis? He’s still around


GOAT (Fed, not Mike Willis)


So why do we have this sand groping inbred doing it?




Get to the players for f#%k sake


Miss the old Kia boss and his broken English