Caricature unappreciation thread


Why was it a great effort?
I’m disappointed. Peers is ranked 4th in the world in doubles. Ebden is ranked around the same as the 2 Germans.
We should have won


Absolutely right - Australia was a strong favorite to win the doubles - Confident that Kyrgios will beat Zverev, while De Minaur is far from a certainty against Struff.


C’mon Nick …



Long way back to just stay in this tie now.


Kyrgios has dropped his bundle.


Was very poor today.


A disappointing performance by Australia in this tie - The loss in the doubles was devastating.


Disappointing result but that was a very weak squad. Lots of young talent in Aus tennis but until De Minaur and Kokkinakis push top 50 we are up against it.

Doubles was hard to read. Ebden is in good form but I’ve never been convinced by him as a player. I’d never heard of Putz, and a Google indicates he is a challenger level player, but nonetheless he was the best player out there on the day. That’s Davis Cup for you.


I like Matty Ebden, but gee his serve sat up asking to be hit. And he was putting it in bad spots.
I was always nervous for his service games.

Hopefully we get an easy draw in the knockout match in September and stay in the main draw.

Hopefully a second singles player lifts throughout the season. Also finding a consistent doubles partner for Peers is vital.


Thompson a more natural doubles partner for mine, but his form this summer was horrendous.

Kokkinakis would balance the squad nicely: providing a solid doubles option and addressing our weakness on clay.


Lleyton is a still a better doubles player than half these guys and atleast he would show some fight rather than some of these other mental midgets representing us


If Lleyton could serve he’d still be a comfortable top 50 player. But, alas, he can’t.


I watched a bit of one of his doubles matches with Groth at the OZ Open and I actually thought he was serving a lot better than I could remember.


Assuming, Kokkinakis has an injury free season he should end up in the top 50, as he is seriously talented. Having two players around the top 20 is a recipe for success - Hewitt should be encouraging doubles specialists to team up during the season to be used in Davis Cup Ties - Australia has a good pedigree in doubles, so this should be doable.


Federer back to #1 in the world after making it to the Semis and beating Haase.


Would that make him the oldest number 1 ever?


Yep, oldest number #1 in history, beating Agassi’s record by about 3 years (he was 33).

It probably won’t last for long as he has tournments to defend that he might not compete in, but still, it’s a great achievement.


Federer celebrates his return to No 1 by dismissing Dimitrov 6-2,6-2 in the final of the Rotterdam Open.


Is he the very best of the best? The best sportsman ever?

Better than Woods/Nicklaus, Jordan, Schumacher.

I can’t think of anyone who tops him as the champion of their sport.


ok, since the War. Bradman went ok.