Caricature unappreciation thread


Didn’t Bradman only play and tour England?

Others have dominated their respective sports, but none have done it for so long like Roger. He’d certainly be #1 and by a distance in my mind.




The thing about tennis is that worldwide there are just so many players. Not many countries play cricket or have (affordable) golf courses or swimming pools or a climate or quality of water where you’d want to jump in.
Fed is the best of a sport which is almost global. I know some will say that to join the elite junior tennis squads costs a lot, but there are enough professional players coming from poorer countries to indicate that raw talent gets them access to professional coaching.


Pretty sure he played West Indies, South Africa and India.

Might have toured S Africa in 1935-36. Might have missed that tour though.


Now he’s #1 in your mind. So was your mind malfunctioning when you were all in for the Serbian?



You know what irks me about D Bradman? It’s how he chose to end his career in England rather than here. Gives the impression that he liked them more than us.


Novak will be back, you can be rest assured of that.


Back to where? I reckon he’s got 1 more slam in him…maybe


■■■■■■ hell, that’s drawing a long bow


What impression does it give you?


Back playing Futures…


That maybe he thought he had had enough around about that time. Or maybe he wanted to tour England one more time after the war and then he knew he didn’t have it in him to keep going at the same level after that


If you were lucky enough, and good enough to choose the timing of your retirement, would you retire in front of your home fans, or in front of a group of toffee faced English (tits)?


Didn’t he play a whole bunch of testimonial games the next season in Australia?
Plus he played the next Sheffield shield season in Australia and it was valued much higher then then it is now, so I reckon he probably got a whole summer of farewells in Australia


Would you rather watch him play in a testimonial match, or a First Class match, or in a Test Match? The POMS got to see him play in a Test Match. His last ever Test Match.

If there was anyone who got to choose when and the circumstances of his own retirement from the game, it was D Bradman. And he chose to retire over there, not down here.


Tours weren’t as frequent in those days. I think the next Ashes in Australia was two and a half years later…and he was 40 at the time.


You’re making a mountain out of a mole hill.
But anyway, if it’s a problem for you, that’s unfortunate for you. I couldn’t care less.


Why’d you comment then?


The poms love the Don as much as we do.

He has a huge portrait front and centre in the Long Room at Lords.

Some sportsman transcend all sport and it’s not as important where they finish up.

He is as much a part of international cricket as he is Australian cricket in my opinion.


And that’s all well and good. Play a series there by all means but finish off in front of your fellow countrymen and women.

The only other player I can think of who comes close to D Bradman in modern times would be S Tendulkar. Imagine if he decided to finish his career in front of us instead of in India?