Caricature unappreciation thread


Simply because I thought you were over-reacting. Each to their own though…

Or there is another well named thread we could re-convene to :slight_smile:


I think they are miles apart.

Warne probably has more universal appeal than Sachin.

Sachin is obviously highly respected in this country but far from worshiped like the true greats of sport.

I can understand your perspective though. The Don apparently rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way so finishing in England isn’t going to help.


Ok. Imaging if S Warne had decided to end his career in front of English fans instead of Australians? Warne (like Bradman and Tendulkar) had the luxury of finishing their careers on their terms.


Well considering I work full time I actually see more of an Ashes series in England then one out here, so I wouldn’t complain :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m not disagreeing with you.

I just don’t see it as a massive deal.

Ali’s last fight was in the Bahamas.


But Ali wasn’t leaving on his terms.


It’s not a big deal but it takes away from the legacy.


Surely Noonan’s point has to be considered? 2 and a half years later was a very long time to wait.
Or do you think he should have played the 48/49 summer for Australia and retire against someone other than England?
Or retire in the 46/47 summer when presumably he still had the desire to play.


He could have done all of those things but chose to finish against England.


In your eyes


Hey? That doesn’t make sense.

Edit: Oh you mean, he could have done any one of those things…not all.


The whole discussion doesn’t make sense.


ah yes. I think we agree on that :slight_smile:


anyway @Diggers, let’s get this back on topic. I have something for you and @Crazy_Bomber to discuss.

Who will win more grand slams (singles) from this point forward… Novak or Serena?


Again it is more apparent what

"Diggers is stupid " is all about.


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Never once have I heard anyone in any form of commentary say “Yeah, Bradman was fantastic but to play your final match overseas and not in front of your home crowd really takes away from his legacy”

And I’ve also never heard someone refer to a person by their first initial of the first name and then their surname
D bradman
S Warne

F me


That’s a good question. I don’t know.


There you go. Two new experiences at the one time.


Take it to the cricket thread losers.