Caricature unappreciation thread


To be honest I think Diggles has been a few short of a full pack ever since he tried convincing me that Roger wouldn’t win more slams than Sampras.


Crazy… Please…


If there was a new crop of the next generataion coming thorugh I’d have said Serena, but with Federer going soon and no one else stepping up like Novak/Murray/Nadal did, I’ll have to say Novak.


I bet you like receiving two experiences at the same time…


Who wouldn’t?


We might be a bunch of cricketing cheats but at least we wake up this morning to Kokk beating Fed at Miami.
After getting beaten and losing his No 1 ranking Fed is quoted as saying -
“I’ve always liked his game,” Federer said. “I’m happy for him that on the big stage he was able to show it. It’s a big result for him in his career, and I hope it’s going to launch him.”


Digglet won’t be happy with a exuberant Kokk blasting Roger from top position.


Report in The Rage suggests 9 have snapped up TV broadcast rights from 7. Let’s hope we still get to hear Jim Courier. Him and Eddie commentating at Wimbledon would be a high-water mark in sports telecasting.


■■■■ no to Jim, he’s a shocker. McEnroe is the one you need


bah, I don’t mind courier. it’s hearing basil do tennis that I hate.


Whole Italian crowd just chanted NOLE.




So Bernard qualifies for the French, then draws Nick in the first round!

Say what you like about them (actually, don’t), but that is match-up of some interest. Wonder if it will get to a match point.


Actually looking forward to watching that match up.


I’ve been waiting years for this match - The only problem is Tomic is awful on clay.


Not an issue now, Kyrgios has pulled out of the French open


Kyrigios could have done him a big favour and pull out in a game in or something to give Bernie a free win that he badly needs.


They’ve changed the rules this year so they get fined their prizemoney if they retire in the first round as a result of a pre-existing injury. So there was no benefit to Kyrgios to even walk onto the court and it’s really unfair on a lucky loser who would miss out on prizemoney if Kyrgios played a few games and then retired.


The lucky loser apparently booked himself into the other tournament on tour before Kyrgios pulled out so he couldn’t even take his spot


Apparently he did make it and he has just beaten Tomic